Fairy Glen

After spending so much time indoors, it’s time to shake off some cobwebs. We’re standing on the top of Parbold Hill and looking from left to right.
It’s a bit windy and 7-8C 45F so I hope you’ve wrapped up well.
below is view looking West towards Southport and the coast. You can see just how flat it is.
Hubby took one of me taking the above pic.
He took this one too showing Parbold village in the foreground, and more of the flat coastal area. Years ago Martin Mere was a lot bigger than it is now, but land was drained to make fields.

On the other side of the road is the Wiggin Tree pub that serves food.
Down the hill is the Fairy Glen. It’s a steep sided narrow valley.
Beautiful colours- take a close look.
Now listen:

Streams drain into the area making beautiful waterfalls.
Angel was so happy she was almost grinning from ear to ear.
and moss grow freely in the damp conditions even in the height of Summer.
The dead leaves are piled like snow over these rocks.
I slowed the shutter speed down to take these pics. I wanted you to share the feeling of the running water.
and it’s beauty.
Ferns line the stream route.
This tree look like it could be balancing like a ballerina
In Summer there is a rope swing attached to this tree.

Looking over the valley.

I have an Indiana Jones moment on a bridge:
Luckily the drop nor the water are too deep.
The stairs up the other side are a bit steep though.
I then keep seeing how branches keep making these windows in the air.
Perhpas they are fairy gateways to fairyland? 🙂

I also see faces in the trees:

Maybe this is how the place got it’s name? It’s a wonderful place to bring children and wake them up to the beauty in the world. Concrete just can’t seem to do that somehow LOL.

Next time I will try to do a more tea themed post as I am taking part in Stephanie‘s Time For Tea Swap. It’s my 1st ever and I’ve been told that it’s helpful to let your swap person know more about your tastes. Mwa ha ha ha ha I’m sure this way insanity lies.

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