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First a big thanks to the Malaysian blogger M. Kate for pulling out the stops and finding a translation to this ancient Chinese text.

A poem titled ‘The Cicada’ by Yu Shinan, a poet of Tang dynasty.

Drunk with fresh dew, your trill will flow
From ‘mid the sparse parasol trees.
Rising high, far your voice will go,
Not on the wings of autumn breeze.

The poem uses the body, nature and the voice of the cicada to hint the nobleness of the poet. The first line means high position people should not be icorruptable (‘fresh dew’). The cicado lives on the sparse parasol trees – means it is rare among the rest, thus it has the beautiful and sonorous voice. This is different from the other insects who wallow in the slush. Just because of it staying high (living incorruptably), its voice can reach far, and not relying on any external power such as the autumn wind. The whole poem hints that as an official or as a person, we should place ourselves in a clean and noble position, then only our voice can be strong and names be far spread. Such people generate from their own power of personality, beauty, not relying on any ascendency.

She sent this to friends around the world twice! Thank you so much M Kate. Hugs. It is thanks to this blogger that I found out about the film “The Curse of the Golden Flower” and gave it also as a Christmas present as I was so impressed by the sets and costumes.

Another thanks is owed to the generous Australian blogger Annie who sent me a chicken she made. I have called her Chook as I’ve never owned an Australian chicken before. As you can see she also takes wonderful flower photographs and sent me a set of her notecards. She has an etsy shop. She also enclosed a fridge magnet of a beautiful flower and spare fabric from Chook. Thank you so much. The stamps were so pretty too.

She and I discussed straw flowers, (Helichrysum) so both of us are going to grow some and hopefully share the results. I found an ebay site and also ordered a few other seeds like unusual gourds, lettuce, cherry tomato, hot chilli, poppy, gazania, and chrysanthemum. I will have to start them off inside as outside it is 8C I’m guessing around 45F so nothing will germinate.
Ok a few makings -these are seasonal. I had some ball ends so knitted their scarves and hats in stocking stitch without a pattern.
Mrs Penguin
Mr Penguin
Snowman angel carrying cinnamon sticks. This and the picture below were Christmas present kits from a Cup Cake Quilter at Patched Pumpkin. I was a little late in making them but they were in the “To Do” pile.
Gingerbread men in a basket- stitchery.
The lettering is on all 12 of the Be Attitudes (Nancy Halvorsen) blocks, but only these ones have been blanket stitched on. I will do the picture sewing, once I have completed all the letterings in the same thread. I used what I had of Cider Mills fabric by Nancy Halvorsen and the rest from stash.
This is on the table. Some miscut appliques from an Autumn quilt will become the front and back of a gift bag. I want to cut the lining first before sewing and shaping the bottom.
The Gardener’s Journal BOM is all cut and some of the stitcheries have been traced onto calico. I’m currently stitching these ready for the 13th February when I make the first block at Patched Pumpkin.
It will look like this in theory but made from Fabulous Fall fabric by Deb Strain for Moda apart from a couple of stitchery borders and a couple of squares to match of a stash fabric. They were over the 10″ size of a layer cake. As you can see there is a lot of cake left as well as an untouched charm pack.
My other BOM is the above quilt by Lynette Anderson. I didn’t make the above one but will be using the below Fairy Frost shimmering fabrics below as the background.
My other goings on are ideas for the Time For Tea Swap (invitation only) piccy in side bar, organised by Stephanie I can’t wait to see who I’m paired with. I think it’s going to be a giggle and good fun.

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