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First a quick shout out for the Comfort Dolls project run by Pat Winters for abused women. Her site will show you how you can help too. The dollesque forms are easy to make from scraps and can be as embellished as you like. Please go and take a look. I have put an extract in my sidebar from some fiction I’ve written so you can get an idea of why these dolls are important to make and an idea of what the women go through before having the courage to leave. It isn’t easy reading.

1 in 4 women will suffer at some point. Read more here. Yet so many feel ashamed and that it’s their fault even though it’s not them with the anger control issue. There are signs to look out for too if you think a woman may be suffering. The article is here. I hope you will help. I’ll be trying to make more this year.

Ok normal post.

Stephanie from Loft Creations
has organised a “Time For Tea” secret swap. Here’s part of my homage to the brew:
Being British I think I am meant to have some sort of reverence for tea and not plant pansies in my broken teapots.
I am meant to keep my teasets under lock and key
or on display (sorry these are pics from throughout the year so the teapot isn’t in this shot).
My biscuits are meant to be in the biscuit tin.
Tea coffee and sugar in their proper pots.
Jam in their special pots for scones.
Unless I’m using fresh strawberries on clotted cream.
I am meant to have a cake stand so guests can choose easily.
And have a variety of savouries as well as sweets for high tea.
Smoked salmon and cream cheese
Custard slice, chocolate covered sponge cake and cream scones
But no I veer away from the traditional tea- I have flavoured teas like licorice, strawberry, chai, peppermint, and various fruit ones- some are in the old biscuit tins behind the shepherd’s pie. (Told you I was re-using 2008 pics.) I have a cupboard I’ve got to tidy before I take a new pic of the other flavours.

Recognise a tin Eileen? I keep licorice tea bags in mine. 🙂
I mix and match.
I could use stripes with stripes
But naaar life’s too short especially when you can add dots too.
And have a lot of cakes, caramel slices, apple, and shortbread.
Certain teapots are for certain teas so the tanin ones don’t spoil the more delicate rose petal ones.
This Chinese set is for jasmine green tea.
With a morsel of something of course.
Carrot cake goes with anything.
This Japanese set so far has only been for decoration.
I am missing a cup like this one -let me know if you see one in a charity shop please.
It’s lithophane in the bottom is this one.
So you see not all Brits take tea seriously- it’s a way of chatting and munching.
You take your time with it- enjoying the flavour of the tea you are trying out. It shouldn’t be rushed.

The children still enjoy coming home and having “afternoon tea” especially if the evening is busy and dinner is going to be late. From as soon as they could hold a cup properly, they learned about sitting down and not wandering around with a cup; talking about their day; how to just let things go quiet. It still has the same effect on them when school has been horrible, they’ve got caught in the rain on the way home, or they just need to relax.

I think that is the greatest gift tea has. It’s a big cure all.

ooo before I forget a “5 Things Tag” from Pat at Milli Fiori Favoriti:

1. Name five things in your purse:

Sorry not been using a bag lately, so will go and look in my big coat pocket- everything ends up in there. (One day I wont be suprised to find a lilliputian tribe telling me off for disturbing their village! LOL )

Pottery shards from a field walk, tissues, keys, gloves, money-purse.

2. Name five things in your work room:

Time for Tea swap pile of things, Be Attitudes blocks in a tin basket, sewing machine (my Bernina is back!) industrial overlocker, light box bench.

3. Name five things you have always wanted to do:

Climb Machu Piccu, tour the world bit by bit in detail, create something great, visit some of my blog friends in the real world, errrr I did write a list once….nope mind’s gone blank. Drink more coffee! Ha next question.

4. Name five things you’re interested in:

New stuff– if there’s something I don’t know I want to know more. History -so I can understand why things are like they are. Sewing, knitting, and old fashioned scented roses.

5. Five Blogs to pass this on to:

Errr how about if you have time, you do it? Consider yourself tagged. I know this is a busy time for a lot of people. Sorry Pat a bit of a cheat I know. 🙂

Next time I’ll show you the children’s tea set (as well as the tea cupboard). I’m carrying on a tradition from my Grandmother- a big fan of Beatrix Potter’s stories and illustrations.

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