12th Night Results

Well it’s been interesting here. 12th Night is the 12th night after Christmas. All Christmas decorations have to be down by then and everything should be neat and tidy to avoid bad luck for the New Year. So I was in mega mode trying to take the tree down and not leave any needles, and remove all the Christmas decorations and have all the boxes packed away. A woman with a mission! I had a smelly candle burning and a drinking chocolate present ready.

It was bin day so I added some rubbish to the wheelie bin out on the pavement. just as I was shutting the lid woomph I was on the floor. The whole pavement outside the garden was a sheet of ice! The council here will only grit the roads where buses travel, so I am certain I wasn’t the only one who slipped over.

A little later, I was talking to hubby when I just keeled over and fell onto a bag of fabric. He picked me up muttering something about how I wouldn’t be told to take it easy. Anyway the Christmas tree made it out of the door under protest- see below pic not even Angel can believe her eyes in the hallway!
So eventually everywhere got totally cleaned and tidied. So the score for 12th night was 2 falls no submissions and one carry off! 🙂
I got out some bunnies I made last year and put them in a basket son gave me for Christmas.
I even took one of the Autumn quilts down and hung the Polka Dot Ladies BOM one I made last years.

And matching cushions from left overs.
I know it’s a bit early for Spring bunnies but what how should you decorate in this between New Year and Spring time of the year?
I did finish this 16ct aida cross stitch. I bought it a few years ago. I am going to make a real effort this year to make with what I have.

I thought I’d share a little quiet time I had with the hounds. One of the children left their sketch pad, so I doodled in the firelight. I think I had bunnies on the brain. He almost looks like he is leaping around as the flame flickers.
Angel putting her feet up literally.
I put up some Christmas presents made by Cup Cake Quilters in my craft room in my little “sit by the radiator” corner.
I made a start on the Be Attitudes quilt while sitting quietly.
I need to cut all these letters out. Ileft this until last as I wasn’t sure how much fabric I would need for the job.
I didn’t do the “Be Respectful” block but changed it to “Be Creative”.
The owl will be a “Be Wise” patch rather than a “Be Smart”, so I think I have “English-ed” Nancy Halvorsen’s design. I want to hang it to remind me to be a better person, so it was good to do at this time of the year.
This little lot has made it to the ironing board for the Black and White Challenge.

So as you can see I’ve not been totally idle- just away from the computer for a few days. I’m going to catch up with emails and pop over and see you all. I hope you’ve been having a creative time getting into the swing of the New Year.

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