24/24 Daily December

Well we made it! 24 posts on the trot! Now it’s time to relax

Hang the stockings -even the 3 for the hounds.

I had a few thoughts. Angels come in all shapes and sizes- none look alike.
Some are what we expect

Others appear in our lives in all sorts of guises
They carry the message of love
Especially at this time of year
Who can you be an angel to?

Here are a couple of sleepy angels in their nightshirts and caps carrying their pillows. They are a little Christmas character each for the children. (They are from the same Christmas Tilda book as the Santa.)

Who better than a child to understand the magical time of year when angels gathered round the skies to sing “Gloria” -bursting out with the excitement and joy of a new born baby, son of the creator God. It’s a time of miracles. Believe.

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