23/24 Daily December

I really wanted to share some classic British humour with you. This sketch was voted in the top 10 of best comedy TV moments. Morcambe and Wise made making breakfast look such fun!
As some of you may know we bought a carpet shampooer on Friday night which then tripped the electrics in the house leading to all sorts of computer problems. We took it back and only after it tripped a circuit in the shop did they believe us and refunded the money. I didn’t want to risk trying the same machine again. There was a machine for £300 I really liked as it used hot water so they carpets would dry quicker, but it was out of our price range.

So imagine my suprise when I got on Amazon to read their customer reviews and see if anyone else had had the same fault, when I saw the same wonderful machine at only £150! Needless to say we ordered it. It arrived last night in the hugest box I ever did see-pic above. We joked that if times got rough one of us could always live in it! It works a dream and was definately cheaper than buying new carpets. We’ve all had a go with our new toy.
I promised a few of my recent makings which I could show- here’s Santa in pyjamas and a dressing gown ready for an early night ahead of the big day.
He was from the Christmas Tilda book
When I 1st finished the dressing gown it reminded me of a trench coat like the one worn at the end of a Morcambe and Wise show.
Here he is in my craft room with the sack made by Ulla.
Gift bags made from the leftovers from Karen
Other sides.
A wool felt penny rug with a slouchy snowman.
Better pic for the colour- metalic silver as well as embroidery silks.
I experimented with fussy cutting for the background of this candle mat. Interesting effect.
I need to blanket stitch it next.
Quick trip to Dobbies Garden Centre.
There is a food hall too.
Tiny teddy bear tins
and hamper goodies
Trees pre-threaded with lights of all colours.
I was thinking that these would be easy to make.
A couple of cheerful snowmen.

And beautiful elegant reindeer.
Did you know that Santa has a band?
These were moving as if playing the music.
I had a quick look around the shop. These soft toys caught my eye.
I had to look at these silly cacti.
So sweet! I bet you’ve never thought a cacti was sweet before?
These trees of light decorated the car park.
I came home to this- Angel had been saying she was cold
and naughty Precious was on the sofa without a blanket! I think she is doing her best to look elegant with her paws crossed. I don’t think she is Audrey Hepburn somehow. 🙂

Tomorrow is the last day-then I’m off for Christmas! I hope to make the last post of the Daily December special. Soooo a little more making and more carpet cleaning round here today. Then I will sit with some hand project and see what Christmas programmes are on the TV as we play board games. I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas time.

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