19/24 Daily December

Frosty branches outside Ormskirk Emmanuel Methodist Church. History in link.

Now remember we went to the pier yesterday? Well this is what is inside that building at the end- lots of old penny slot machines:
I think they have been rescued from all over the place. England stopped using 1d in 1971 and went to “new pence” which is what we use now. These machines were made for the big old pennies like in the rhyme “hot cross buns, hot cross buns 1 a penny 2 a penny hot cross buns”.
A 1d made this puppet dance. All the machines are kept in good working order.
More puppets.
Here’s a couple of close ups.
The floor is a 1950s lino design.
Pay your money and take your chance machines.
These look like later ones.
Some more older ones with solid wooden cabinets.
Metal cabinets.
A familiar figure for any seaside- Mr Punch. I hated him as a child. The history of the Punch figure in England is in this link.
I suppose these machines were the vegas of their day. Haven’t designs changed. There’s scarcely a flashing light and no sound between them.
Below are 2 babies. With your penny you and a friend each wind a handle to see whose baby can drink the “milk” fastest.
1950s 1960s maybe?
Your penny here will make the graveyard come alive.
They are all kept in working order.
I wonder what is through the castle doors? 1d please. 🙂
Here are some of the old fashioned pennies. They are aged from left to right: King George V (1910-1936), coin was 1917 do during WWI, King George VI (1936-1952) coin dated 1938 I think, and the final coin is Elizabeth II (1952 -present day) the coin was 1967.
Of course between the 2 Georges there was Edward VIII who abdicated in favour of Mrs Simpson in 1936.
Reverse of coins- the Britannia symbol. Some Roman coins had a similar deity symbolising the spirit of Britan.
I wonder who knitted all these football jumpers? Hubby and I had to smile- it’s unusual to see.
This Madame Zasha moves her head and hand as if she is writing out a fortune telling card.
The mind boggled at what a butler may not see. I wasn’t daring enough to peek. Back then things were comparatively harmless and just a little naughty. There is far worse in lingerie adverts these days.
A familiar figure in 1950s vinyl cushion splendor.
I liked the shape of these leaves and the beaten metal texture.
And finally a touch of Christmas as we leave.

Tomorrow I will show you a little more of Southport. If you enlarge the 4th picture in yesterdays post you will see a tunnel leading to the street from the beach. This has now been filled in and a road built on top. This has meant that those ground floor shops are now cellars and now at street level are just the upper levels of the shops on that road. The sea no longer comes that far inland-the Marine Lake is there now but no longer fed by the sea. Pics tomorrow.

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