20/24 Daily December

This frost pattern is almost like stars.
A few shop shots- stockings
Decorated bags
So many colours of tinsel.
Beautiful wreaths.
Baubles galore
Teatowels and oven gloves
Mc Donalds’ balloons.
Southport sea at high tide.
Behind the building on the right is the Marine Lake (vaguely East)
Marine Lake looking North.
This is now called Marine Gate Mansions (expensive flats) but was built as the Southport Promenade Hospital for spinal injuries in the 1800s. Just below the pic in the link is a map showing how this once bordered the sea-fed Marine Lake and sea, but now the Marine Lake is stranded inland.
Below is the smallest pub in Britain. It was once the pumping house for the healing sea waters to be pumped into the cellar baths of the hospital over the road.
Looking North.
Looking South
Paddle steamer sheltered for the Winter. She’s a grand old lady of the lake.
Now this hillarious pink elephant watering can is what I really needed to fill my steam iron. The ball was going to become a doll head (no 4″ styrofoam balls to be found) but it squeaked and would lose it’s shape. I resorted to plan B.

Yesterday I was at Patched Pumpkin. I have taken loads of pics of the Christmassy scene in there, which I’ll be sharing. After I’ve kept mentioning the place, a few people have asked to actually see it! So tomorrow you get your wish and will see that it wasn’t a figment of my imagination. 🙂 There really is a place that truely lovely.

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