18/24 Daily December

The bottom half of the cross.

This is where we are off to today:
It is a bit hard but you can click to read.

How the beach was used for testing early planes.

The beach now. I know it’s an unusual place for the season, but my pics will have few people in them, so you can see Southport Pier more clearly:
Looking back towards land:
Looking forward towards the sea.
Because the coast curves, to the north you can just about see Blackpool between the flags:
The sandy area in the distance is Lytham St Annes the Lake District hills are beyond this on a clear day:
To the South you can sometimes see the mountains of North Wales.
Back to the pier you can rest in this little shelter from the wind.
The tide is coming in:
I have some new best friends as I eat my dinner:
The gulls just hovered in the air wings beating against the wind:
These are other birds which might be seen here:

These poor weather beaten men reminded me of the Alice in Wonderland video where the cards were painting the roses red.
At last we have reached the end much battered by the wind:

The pigeon loft shaped building at the end of the pier. I will show you inside this in the next post.

View from the end of the pier.
Detail of one of the posts along the pier.
Brave fishermen at the end of the pier. It is very windy.
You can sit on this unusual seat after the long walk.
On the journey back. There was a letter in the local paper -the man said he remembered boats moored where the Mc Donalds is in the picture. More sand has silted the area and made it suitable for building on in his lifetime.
One of the kite decorations which line the sea front.
The sea has come in on our walk.
Underneath the pier.

Sorry this is late- my computer was busy with christmas suprises for the children. 🙂

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