17/24 Daily December

Top half of carved Celtic cross. Bottom half tomorrow.
Ormskirk Parish Church. Sorry bad car pic- pic in link is far better from the other side. It is unusual because it has a tower and a spire at the same end. The tower was built in 1548 to house the bells from Burscough Priory (now a ruin thanks to the Dissolution) right by the side of the existing steeple. The steeple has been rebuilt after the original was blown down in 1731. A lot of the place names are Norse in origin here as many Vikings settled in the area around the C7th -C10th.

This is a quick post as I’ve just been sewing things like name tapes on new school clothing. The parcel which I had ordered from Marks and Spencers in their on-line sale finally arrived. The day before we received a parcel for a “Miss K Glendenning” which having rung a couple of times, they are finally going to pick up and get to her. I was getting very worried as the contents were Christmas items. Goodness knows what the lady is thinking about her missing presents. 🙁 Not very Christmas Joy thoughts.
Ok here’s a little making- a painted and wax aged snowman box.
Now these pics sum up the Christmas Spirit for me: a reindeer and star from Suzie from Little Busy Bee; owls and birds from Eileen at Eileen’s Attic, an angel from Ulla at Kotkarankki and a couple of ice skates made by me to celebrate my 1st try on the ice after my back accident. All together on my tree made and sent with love. Friends across the world holding hands even though we live so far apart. Now that is the joy of Christmas!

I left the feltskate laces open so I could put scented stuffing inside them new each year.
It becomes so magical in the tree lights. Thank you friends. In the days of busy-ness it is so good to reflect on what is truely important in this season of good will to all.

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