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I’ve uploaded these pics the night before because by the time you are reading this I will be at Patched Pumpkin with the now made mincemeat cake, and wont be back early. 🙂 I’m not quite cheating my own rules. LOL Ok bending them a tad! 🙂
This parcel came from Stephanie of Loft Creations. The lovely lady sent things for all of us. The pillow cases are perfect for us all- strawberries for daughter, owls for son, and snowflakes for hubby and I. They are safely under the tree for the special day but you can see the fabrics on the ties. She is a wonder-wrapper, so they are left like that -all wonderful. The bag contains such lovely goodies especially for us- coffee, hot chocolate, sweets for the children, a stunningly boxed Mary Engelbreit lavender soap, chocs more coffee. Aww Stephanie, it was truely a wonderful bag that I know everyone will enjoy opening together and oo and ahh over just like I did. 🙂 It too is re-tied and under the tree. 🙂

Now you all know that yesterday’s post said that I would be a good girl and go and sew upstairs all day, well I am a big fat liar.

I did intend to go but when hubby said he saw a gismo super-duper 2nd hand thingy for his sound system, I said yes he could have it as his main Christmas pressie from me. Well while out, we realised that the Continental Market was on for Christmas. Stall holders from all over come.

Sooo guess where you are being dragged to today?
Knitwear from Nepal. I know a certain someone who liked the rainbow stuff when she saw a girl her age wearing it at Ludlow castle. 🙂 Shhhh!
All sorts of metal goodies.
Love the green on the mushrooms and the cat’s face.
This bowl was just one of many made from unusually shaped wood. So beautiful.
A typical assortment of English cake and some stollen on the right.
Sweets galore! You can see how early we are- barely a person in sight!
I didn’t know you could have cider in other flavours than apple!
This was strawbery or raspberry I think- a cider for pink fans!
Big proper bokwurst sausages. We went to another stall and tried kangaroo and ostrich burgers. Kangaroo is like a sweet game taste, and ostrich has the texture of chicken but gamey and less sweet. Well I have try anything once!
Russian dolls from Russia -I think that was the language of the stallholder. Beautiful colours and very varied expressions.
Lots of hats and dream catchers. The store said it specialised in Native American (1st Nation) goods.
The other end of the stall with wolf t shirts and children’s Peruvian cardigans. When my children were young they had a lot of Peruvian clothing from a friend passing them down, so they had very bright coloured cardigans like these.
Purses from France and what sweet turtles.
How many flavours of Turkish Delight?! We usually get just the rose and lemon ones for Christmas.
The smell was positively bottle-able!
Pate from France
And so many types of smoked sausage.
Unusual little cats who waved in gold and silver.
The smell of these soaps was as lovely as they look. I love the pink yellow and turquoise colours together.
This smell was lovely too- coffeebeans and more coffeebeans and coffee by the cup. No I didn’t really linger …not really…not for very long. 🙂
Soaps, lavender and lavender pillows from France. That yellow is just like Monet’s dining room in Giverny, France. Such a happy jolly colour even on a dull day.
I have never seen such a tiny Chinese outfit for a baby. 🙂 Sweet!
Couldn’t resist a pic of this new charity shop window. I think retro is “in” even in charity shops. I’d’ve paired the cream with a pale blue or a deeper red.
Now this stall was from Finland. The reindeer hides were smooth to the touch and softer than I was expecting. I think I was expecting coarse a little like a pigs but it was more like stroking a German Shepherd dog. There was long silky hair on top, then a very dense shorter pile of hair closer to the skin. I imagine that this double coat is what keep the reindeer so warm even in such cold weather.
The wool jumpers were ART!
The colours were all beautiful and within nature.
This sitting reindeer was so cute I was tempted.
So many hats too with reindeer or snowflakes on.
These 2 pics are of a stall with brightly coloured Latin American woven or knitted clothing. There were also lots of dream catchers. It was very early, so they hadn’t set up yet. When they finished everything was hung on rails.

Cashmere jumpers and scarves.
This window caught my eye- what you can do with left over swiss roll cake- slice it, line a bowl, then add the rest of the swiss roll. Pour a jelly over and leave to set. Very pretty.

So after showing you all those wonderfuls, I know you will all be on planes zooming in to Manchester airport for your Christmas shopping, thus saving the British economy. 🙂 LOL
Here’s a pic from last year of a clove studded snowperson as promised. Orange at the bottom and a satsuma at the top, stuck together with a cocktail stick. A child could manage the satsuma part with supervision.
Talking of children- son came home with this still warm- he’d made it at school. It tasted delicious! Thank you for your kind words about his Icarus painting which I passed on. He was pleased. We still don’t know what the Art teacher thought though -next week. I’m just trying to encourage where I can like all parents.

See you next time- a tree special and a few things which caught my eye zooming round the bricks and mortar shops.

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