11/24 Daily December

Light hitting frost pattern on glass. Such delicate feathery patterns.
I’ve made a few things in the last couple of days:
Hanging loops and a back. I didn’t have enough of one of the felts so I turned the back into a wool felt patchwork. It did feel good to run my fingers over the texture.
I also made 12 of these mini sewing books. The outer has red sewing machines and spools. Each has a layer of stiffening (mix of what I had) and has an inner of Osnaberg. There are 2 leaves of white felt. On one side these have been sewn together to make a useful pocket for scissors or a reel of thread. Then there is a red layer of felt (I raided all my red shades) with a little pincushion on where pins can be stored going in to the side. Then behind that the 2 loose white felt layers are for needles. I hope my sewing pals like these in their mittens and stockings.

As you can imagine, my bag of felts is now more roomy. 🙂 good! good!

This parcel of goodies arrived from Cindy of Rosehaven Cottage. She sent me 3 of her prints as a gift and when I saw her etsy site I ordered these cute cherry cards as a present for my daughter. Look at the lovely lavender envelope! But oh those lilac roses. Go and check her Etsy shop out- she has all sorts as well as a lovely collection of roses.
As I’ve been good knuckling down to making things, I haven’t been anywhere, so here are a few shots of the Christmas tree.
Berry ball
fircone ball and snow ball
Fruits and berry balls
plastic crystal grapes.
sorry I didn’t rotate this one- berry star and plain wooden tree (I drop frankincense essential oil on the plain wooden decorations each year).
An icicle ball
More berries and fruit.
Lastly I’d like to share this funny bar of fudge with you. The name alone made me grin when son brought it home. He thought it would make me laugh.

Today is the last day to make things for my sewing friends stockings and mittens. Sooo I’ll be back upstairs today making candle mats.

This evening the children and I will stud cloves into satsumas (Elizabethan pomanders) and add nuts to each present. I don’t think anyone is too old for a proper traditional Christmas stocking. There is something magical about delving down and bringing up treasure after treasure.

Have you ever made snowmen from an orange, a satsuma, a cocktail stick and some cloves? I did some last year. If I have enough satsumas (we did dig in to them rather last night and felt so festive) I’ll try to make some to show you. They are good to make with children.

I’ll be over to catch up with you soon- I often need coffee breaks. 🙂

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