10/24 Daily December


Ok now we’re off to Worden Park again to see the Winter Wonderland the Worden Park Patchworkers have made from the things they make.
Here’s a pic of the remaining buildings of what was Shaw Hall but re-named Worden Hall when the Ffarington (yep 2 Fs) family bought the estate when their old Worden hall was considered too small. Old Worden Hall still stands and was restored after being on the at-risk register. Pic in link.
The hall burnt down in 1941 but stood where the hedge is in this pic. Click on the link and go to the 3rd pic down to see the hall in situ with these steps.

We’ll now go inside and see what pics hubby has taken as I was so busy ooo-ing and ah-ing as my friend showed me what her group had made.
“She simply refused to enter the pearly gates unless she could have quilted wings, a patchwork gown and could bring her own halo.”
LOVE the elves!

Machine embroidery- so neat!

The cut work hearts on some of these stockings was amazing.

Such beauty with proper corners on the triangles.
Now he was such a wonderful turkey made in towelling- he looked almost ready plucked. 🙂
Lovely pair of dressed snowpeople on a pinwheel pointsetta table topper.
More lovely elves- regognise the Christmas Quilt design? I made one in greens and reds. I do like this colour scheme though in browns.
A whole window sill of snowpeople.
Outside children had decorated this raised bed. Pretty and eye catching.
If you look carefully you will see a robin on the ironwork within this old window from the now non existant hall.
I think this urn dates fromthe days of the hall although it’s stem looks new.
The iced over pond and what a beauty of a tree. I’m sure Arthur Rackham (pics of his work at the bottom of the link) would have all sorts of creatures living in it.
Beautiful colours.
Looking back towards the hall. I loved this old gate. It looked like it was out of a fairy tale.
Do you know what this is?
How about if I show you it’s location?
Well that made 2 of us. I had to go down in that boggy dip to read the plaque on the pedalstall in front of it. An ice house! In the days before fridges you could show off to your guests by serving icecream. For maximum swank add tropical fruit grown in your heated greenhouses, just to be sure people could tell how rich you were. 🙂 My haven’t times changed and we can all try these simple pleasures.
A formally laid out herbacious garden enclosed by a hedge.
Sorry couldn’t resisit a beautiful tree shot.

We’re now off to Cuerden Hall a few miles away.
The next 3 pics show the front expanse of the current Cuerden Hall which dates from 1717.
Left to right.

It is currently a Sue Ryder care home. Click here for a more detailed history and here for a pic of Woodcock Hall page 305.

We’ll explore the grounds a little but we need to hurry as the sun is going down.
Walled orchard- recently replanted.
Inside the orchard.
Sunset reflecting on a tree making it glow.
View of Cuerden Valley. In warmer weather when the hounds are out of hibernation, I’d love to take them here.
And last of all the sunset on the way home taken from the car. I’m amazed it isn’t blurred.

Ok now you’ve caught up with my gadding about, so from now on in theory my posts should be short and sweet. 🙂 Thanks for coming along and commenting every day.

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