9/24 Daily December

I had a productive day- mittens and stockings lined in a silvery swirl fabric. They will need a good iron. Now you know what happened to that huge amount of green felt from the charity shop. 🙂 I knew it would be useful. These will contain all sorts as well as the tea towels I showed you before….hopefully. If I have time there may be some decoration on them too, but they need to be done by the morning of the 12th when I see my sewing group.
Once I had dealt with that huge amount of felt, guess what I found underneath it- I put it’s long awaited border on. It just needs a backing now. I knew it was around somewhere needing to be finished off. LOL
Son finished his copy of Matisse’s Icarus for school. The stars are made from acrylic painted foil, blue background is in acrylic paint, and the man is made from torn egg boxes as they pulp easily covered in black acrylic. His sister even bought him an art portfolio carrier thingy so it will arrive at school safely today. I like the way Icarus feels and looks like rocks- you get a sense of his weight falling through the stars. I am proud son stuck with it and finished it on time.
A couple of quick pics of the big dresser. Yes all the shapes I made last year smell of frankincense- even the hearts in the bowl in the living room. The Christmas puddings have no smell but I am tempted to buy a spray scent of Christmas spice. 🙂

Winter pic of a tree shortly after sunrise. I like that we can see the sculptural beauty of trees at this time of the year. Come Spring though I will be rejoicing at the fresh green of the leaves. 🙂
Decorated cross. Yes the crosses and the angels all come from the same graveyard. I took the pics on one day in November and had the idea of using them as a daily post in the run up to Christmas. That was about all you were all going to get mind… something went dreadfully wrong with my masterplan. LOL

In answer to your queries, when I take pics as we travel, I roll the window down if I can. If they are on hubby’s side of the car, I have to turn the flash off and hope not too much of the windscreen reflects into the photo. There are times when the car has been stationary where I have been known to do a labrador impression and lean out of the window. I’m usually careful, so don’t worry. 🙂

Ready for another adventure? We’re off to Birkdale Village to get the Medlar jelly which I had been wanting to taste for Christmas. I checked on-line and this shop sells jams made by a company who do Medlar.
Have a peek at the Christmas goodies in the windows:

There at the back a whole display of jams and jellys. Yes medlar is there near the top.

Now our mission is done, we can relax a bit and look around. Door wreaths and Christmas pots sheltered under the Victorian glass canopy.

Another florists. It’s a joy to see so much colour- my garden has a yellow Winter jasmine out and a yellow dahlia and that is it!
Come and join hubby and I for a pub lunch in this Victorian pub
It’s decorated for Christmas.
I picked up a Laura Ashley Christmas leaflet. There are some lovely ideas for presents.
After lunch we walk back to the car past the railway station. It was built here in 1848.

These are 2 sides of the old signal box- like you see in “The Railway children” where a man would manually pull the levers to make sure a train ran on the right track.
Below is a tiny building on the opposite side of the tracks to the signal box.
Victorian building now a bank.
The florist shops we passed earlier.
On this side of the street, Christmas trees are being sold.

A pet shop is selling seasonal pots -birds above and reindeer below, as well as door wreaths.

More shops with a Victorian glass canopy.
I couldn’t resist taking a pic of this beautiful arrangement.
A quick trip to the bakery and home for a pot of tea with the children when they come in from school and a cream scone for me.
Tomorrow we’re off to a Winter Wonderland of crafts at Worden Park, then as it’s getting darker Cuerdon Hall. I hope you enjoyed seeing the main shoping street in Birkdale.

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