8/24 Daily December

Felt advent calender -sweets for the children in each numbered pocket.

I goofed on the uploading, so instead of Birkdale Village you are going up the coast to Blackpool.
Huge pool with slides and things.
Blackpool has a Pleasure Beach of lots of fairground rides- shut for the Winter now. Although the sun is shining today it is cold, even these figures look like they are shivering.

These decorations are part of Blackpool Illuminations which happen at the end of the typical tourist season. They aren’t on now unfortunately.
A modern rollorcoaster and support structure.
The more traditional wooden rollorcoaster.
A casino shaped like an ocean liner with an interesting spiral shaped flag pole room to the side.
Tram with the rollorcoaster in the background.

More rides. It’s so strange seeing an amusement park so quiet and still. It felt like we were the last people on the planet.
Guess what this is.
No I didn’t know either.
Click to read then click the video below to hear it’s weird sound.

Tilt head to left- sorry. Must remember video is only landscape way up.
You can hear what the organ sounds like.
The high tide
Click on this pic -daughter took it with hubby’s camera. It makes me feel wet just looking.
The moon was out
The sun was out too all at the same time.
What?! Aha a sculpture.
I liked the silhouetted shapes.
I think this shot shows most of the Pleasure Beach.
Part of Blackpool Pleasure beach amusements- closed for the Winter. We went down this lane to part which was open- the ice rink.
The children skating.

When we got out it was dark.
Art Deco building now a Yates pub.
The sun had set but there was still a glimmer in the sky. We sat here with fish and chips as it was a special treat day.
View from the South Beach of the North Beach -rides which were open.
A hotel all lit in blue with the blurred lights of cars.
Feris wheel

Sorry about Birkdale- it will be in tomorrow’s blog.

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