7/24 Daily December

“Christmas is when the world is softened by the good that lies within us all.”
Daily angel
Frosted moss.
Evening is setting in at Ludlow Castle.
I wanted this dragon but the owner wasn’t at the stall. I contented myself with this picture as I was being cattle prodded out towards the car to go home.
A last look back to the entrance gate and we’re in Ludlow town.
A reminder of less peaceful times. Usually the barrels have been filled with concrete to prevent anyone from re-using them.
A Victorian water fountain. The state of water in England could be very bad in overcrowded areas in towns with only one pump (and toilet) between many houses, thus diseases like cholera and dysentry spread easily. Many enlightened towns erected pretty fountains like this to show off that they had clean water that anyone could use when out and about.
Ludlow buildings.
Assembly Rooms. To the left looks like an arch for a carriage now a shop window.
The market was on. Lovely goodies there.
Hubby said he tried to lead me down the boring streets so I wouldn’t keep stopping to take pics.
I thought they were interesting.
Look at these medieval beauties!

Shame this was shut.

Buildings of all ages side by side.
This yellow was used as well as pink(ox blood mixed in the plaster) in medieval buildings not just the white you more often see.
Looking down the hill towards the river.
The road actually goes under this house. I think even Ludlow town itself may have attempted to be walled at one stage- this does look like it could’ve been gated. I wish I was allowed to get closer. Hubby was muttering somethign about frozen children. LOL

This house was interesting as is the one to the left. There looks like a brick repair/modernisation to part of an older building.
I think this one to the left of it may be even older. Look at the filled in door and windows.
This is the front of it. Love it!
A last image of Autumn reds in a garden.
The Wintery bridge
back in the car now. My camera is flashing that it’s battery wants to die.
I take a pic too quickly for the window anxious to show this row of Elizabethan cottages.
Built in 1590 by some lord (you could tell which one by his shield if you were an illiterate local).
I am now trying with hubby’s complicated camera to share the journey home.
Typical farmhouse for this area- Herefordshire/Worcestershire/Shropshire borders.
A more modern farm.
I am so glad this one came out. It was so beautiful in the sunset.
Sunset colours like only Winter manages.
On the way back up the M6- the major road to the North West, the 3 lanes of the road running to the South were strangely dark with no cars. We knew that it was probably due to an accident. Then our 3 Northbound carriageways became nose to tail in traffic. We thought that maybe it was because they were using a lane or so to get the Southbound people off the road. Alas no were were stuck in traffic for over 1/2 an hour because of sick rubberneckers slowing down to see the accident. This of course has a domino effect for miles and miles down a motorway.

So I boo and hiss at anyone who was travelling north last Sunday on the M6 at about 6pm who was selfish enough to cause this. Rubberneck drivers are a menace and could’ve caused accidents in their own lane by their silly driving.

Ok lecture over. LOL

Tomorrow do you fancy popping over to Birkdale village? It was where I found my Medlar Jelly. This morning hubby opened it! Eeeek! It was for Christmas! I can now say though that it tastes a little of spiced apple but it has it’s own flavour. If you can, try it over Christmas- it is lovely.

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