1/24 Daily December

Hello this is a token craft offering of yo yo trees I made last year as the himmeli isn’t ready yet. Today is the day when we buy our Christmas tree and decorate it. We have a tradition in our family of buying a new decoration each for it but this year I broke that tradition by buying this sledge early, plus it’s not for the tree. Well traditions are there to have their rules bent! 🙂
This is the first of the angels from Birkdale cemetry. I thought a series of them and decorated crosses were appropriate for this time of year. You can picture them hovering over the manger at Jesus’s birth. 🙂
This is the first of a series of Wintery scenes. Frost growing on the car window. In these days of double glazing and central heating, this is a rare sight. We got up early and started driving to Ludlow Medieval Fair in -4C temperatures.
It’s going to be a slow journey over a few days as I’ve over 200 pics from my camera alone. Once off the motorways we went through some pretty villages.
Over quiet roads.
And the day brightened up. (Huge relief as walking round outside in the cold wouldn’t be a lot of fun).
Most of the villages had buildings from the medieval to the modern side by side showing how they had developed from rural hamlets on sheep trade routes over time.
Part of the road was cattle grided as the sheep were free to graze on this common land.
It was beautiful to be seeing hills and history.
The car stopped at traffic lights in Ludlow, so I hung out of the window like a labrador dog taking these shots. The detail on the wood carving was so intricate. Beautiful!
I would stay at this inn.
There were more black and white timbered buildings. The area is known for them- North Herefordshire- South Shropshire on the Welsh Marches.
The chrysalis we found hatched into a beautiful moth.

More angels, a Winter scene and Ludlow tomorrow.

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