2/24 Daily December

A huge thanks to Ulla from Finland for helping me make this Himmeli. It is a traditional Finnish straw decoration for Christmas. Please see her blog for more info. I’ve never played with straw before and Ulla had never made one so this was an adventure for both of us. Thank you so much Ulla. It is very beautiful.
Frost on the “Roseraie De L’Hay” Rose leaves.
Another Angel
These are hubby’s pics of Ludow town that he took walking from the car to the castle for the Medieval fair.

Now for some of my pics, from inside the castle grounds.
This polished young man greeted people.
A guard inside the gate chatting.
My 1st glimpse of the castle itself. While standing in the outer bailey. You had to go across the place where the drawbridge was to go in to the central tower and inner bailey.
1st things 1st though. We’d been travelling for ages and a hog roast was to the right of the gate.
There were lots of stalls and people had made a real effort to be dressed in Medieval costume.
In the next post you will see what I was wearing by pure chance. I was thinking warm and not caring about what I looked like.

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