Making Christmas

Making Christmas
Ready for the post back on Friday. I got one of these nifty gadgets which may help me avoid wearing and tangling the tape. 🙂 I still managed to crease it though.
The weather has joined in with the Christmas season- a frost on moss.
Frosted columbine leaves.
A freezing fog transformed the streets into something far more romantic looking.
I could bearly see the church spire.
You could just expect Scrooge to come down the road muttering “Humbug!”
I have made a start on a Finnish custom called a Himmeli with straw. I’m going by pictures and measurements from Ulla. We’ve laughed about how this sounds like a joke “There was a Finnish woman, an English woman and an himmeli”. Ulla hasn’t made one, I’ve never seen one in person, yet somehow through the magic of blog communication this is being created. 🙂 I’ve never played with straw so it is an adventure.
I made a Christmas Hamper of goodies today in a Patched Pumpkin class.
These cuchion cover fronts are waiting for a blanket stitch but there is no rush. The fabrics are by Nancy Halvorsen and the design is from her Cider Mill Road booklet. I love the pale pink with the blue. 🙂

Now I may just have one last little treat before November ends, but it depends on the weather tomorrow morning as Ludlow Castle’s Medievel Fair is quite a distance. If it’s freezing fog, I’ll be catching up with the washing instead, so fingers crossed.

For December I know everyone’s time is short, so I thought I would try to do just a tiny post a day like an advent calender. I’ve never tried 24 days of posting straight, so it’s going to be a huge personal challenge. I hope you are game for a peek too.

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