Theft Victory!

Edited to update: the whole site has now gone. Thank you to all of you who complained. Hopefully if this sort of site is spotted again the below info will be useful to fellow bloggers.
A huge thank you!

Finally Dream Host recognised that it was my content. The stolen post has been removed. If you are one of the other victims of this site whom I have contacted, then you know the letter in the previous post worked. I’ll give you the link to the site where I read it. It really did work where common sense failed!
I have thanked him with a lot of relief.

You cut and paste with your details- (I tried to give you all a link to your stolen posts) in the box at this site:

I very firmly believe that blogs shouldn’t be ripped like that whole web site seemed to be doing to so many of us. The more that complain about this, the better for blogland. These sites are the place for our personal expression.

Although our content from 1st March 1989 is protected under copyright laws I have added a copyright notice to the left column.

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