Theft! FAFF bag, Worden Park

Before I begin I have something to report which effects all us bloggers. I did a search this morning. By pure chance I came across one of my own blog posts copied into another website:

All emails to the owners of the site bounced back so I contacted the server provider Dream Host.

This is their latest reply:

I realize that it may be quite obvious that the content is stolen.
However, legally we cannot do anything to edit a customers site content
without following the proper procedures. We have to cover ourselves
legally. You'll need to submit the DMCA documentation in order for us to
take action. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.


David J

They recommend the use of a solicitor to fill in the DMCA documentation. Has anyone done this or knows of a way I can. Failing that the only thing I can think of to do is to delete my old posts.

I think Dream Host's attitude is wrong. When something very clearly has been used like this they should be able to contact the web site and ask them to take it down.

I have found a DMCA template letter and sent this to nightmare host:

Subject: Notice of Copyright Infringement

The copyrighted work at issue is the text that appears on These are my own words and photographs taken with my own camera. One photograph even has me in it!

The URLs where our copyrighted material is located include These people have never contacted me asking for permission to use my images or words.

You can reach me at ******** for further information or clarification. My phone number is ******* and my mailing address is *********

I have tried to contact the owner of the website but all emails have bounced back.

I have a good faith belief that use of the copyrighted materials described above as allegedly infringing is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.

I swear, under penalty of perjury, that the information in the notification is accurate and that I am the copyright owner or am authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.


I’ll keep you all posted.
Elf food- a mincepie and brandy cream. Yum!
This is a FAFF bag- First Aid For Friend.
A shooting star to make a wish by.

I thought I’d share the idea as I’m sure we have a friend who could do with a little pick-me-up.
I encosed a card with a quote- in this case Psalm 91, 11-12. I’ll share it here as the words are very beautiful and might give you Christmas crafting ideas.

“God will put his angel’s in charge of you to protect you wherever you go. They will hold you up with their hands”.

I also enclosed: a bath smelly, a candle, biscuits, tissues and a Guatemalan worry doll. I’m sure you will all have wonderful ideas for a friend who needs support when you can’t think of the right words. Please send me a link to see any pics of your FAFF bags.
Some people have had wonderful postal deliveries lately. Today I got this. LOL It is a tube of soil with critters (Hypoaspis) in which feed on those annoying flies which inhabit the humid moist soil of houseplants or in our case snail habitats.
These are daughter’s normal garden snails. The paler soil is this new soil with the critters in.
See how big the giant african land snails have grown!
A little lined Christmas sack for gifts.

A little trip to Worden Park in Leyland

I’m hoping to be here for that and take pics myself. It’s ages since I’ve been to a Winter Wonderland. These pics are by hubby as nupty me forgot my camera.

This bit looks a bit like it was a stable. I found a couple of links for people who want to know more:
We just walked on the field part not the formal gardens.
Beautiful colours are mainly on the ground now.

Interesting sculpture
Some people wih lots of dogs just enjoying themselves running together. One was a great dane with the most beautiful run. 🙂 I had a soft squishy moment.
Wouldn’y you just love to kick the leaves?
Me in those red shoes. I’ve noticed I dress inappropriately..maybe I just eat inappropriately? I’ll explain. When I am wearing pale colours I choose to eat things like bolognaise or tomato soup. When I’m wearing black, choose things with mayonaise or toast with lots of crumbs? Why? Shakes head. Do I so hate looking tidy?
I would buy this if it were a fabric.
There were a lot of magpies in black and white. One just in centre of pic.
Another in a branch.
Some were on the ground under trees.
This feels like the last remnants of Autumn’s dress. It’s looking a little tatty at the edges. I can see the stark black and white dress of Winter approaching softened by the opal colours of the sunlight for her jewellery.

These ducks were pleased to see us. Can I post a quick reminder to those who feed birds to start putting some out now. Here in the UK thanks to things like hurricanes we’re getting some US migratory birds being swept over here, totally lost. Usually we only get European ones and artic ones as the Atlantic Sea is a bit of a distance for the average bird’s Winter hols.
Also for those who are thinking about seed catalogues, if you have a spare patch, buy a packet designed for bees. Bee numbers are down, their produce is therefore down, and there is a nasty bee mite which is killing whole hives.

Einstein reckoned we’d have only 7 years left if bees died out as we rely on them to polinate our crops. The bees love my lavender hedge so the plants needn’t be wild meadowy ones even. When I’m harvesting, I work around them and have never been stung. I left a lot on the hedge for as long as possible as so many were still coming for it. My Nana always said to tell the bees your news. Bees are also a symbol of industriousness. Furry fellow crafters. 🙂

Buddleia is good for butterflies if you want to attract even more wild life.
So in short- feed birds and plant for bees and butterflies.

Autumn and Winter dressed trees side by side. What wonderful shapes.
There is something so balanced about an unpruned tree. Each branch is spaced exactly where it needs to be to grow best. This creates beautiful shapes. These are the 1st pics I took with hubby’s camera. I didn’t even break it!

I spun round as a magpie flew. Not the best pic but you get the idea. Their tails are like leaf shaped spear heads.
A couple of silhouettes to finish now I knew where the click button was. 🙂 I definately prefer my little camera- it feels right in my hand and I know where the button is now. 🙂
After this trip out to Leyland when we were all settled for the evening hubby asked “What have you done with the water?” I was mystified. I couldn’t remember running a huge bath, parting it like Moses breaking a tap etc. So given the state of mess I replied “I’ve been keeping it in big bags in the house.” LOL It turned out he had filled the kettle for a cuppa and Laura had made herself one instead. We giggled. 🙂 It’s definately hot drinks and jumpers weather. I hope you are keeping warm where you are.

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