Tree skirt, Mincemeat Cake, Fish, Croston

Tree skirt finished
Santa’s tacked up the reindeer. I used a very old satin red thread that liked to tangle itself. 4 of it’s strands was about the same thickness as the modern Perle 5 used elsewhere.
There are 3 snowmen and lots of snowflakes.
I alternated red and green reins. Green bias edging, cream ribbon ties.

This dusty little hamper was another car boot bargain. For long term readers, back in March for my birthday I insisted on a picnic (in the remaining snow) and the hampers I had were old huge ones. You know the sort from Victorian films where a couple of servants carry the warm dinner out to a shooting party somewhere on the estate? Well this one is far smaller and more practical for a modern family. I can now have the big hampers for the large bits of fabric pictured in the previous post. 🙂 Not grinning really. 🙂
I cleaned up the contents- some food boxes, plates, cups, a flask and a set of cutlery for 4 people. I think this will live in the car in Summer once I have made a co-ordinating picnic tablecloth for it. A Spring project.

Why is 2009 rapidly filling up with ideas already and I haven’t even done my Christmas makings properly? I must’ve done something really bad in a former life. LOL I wish I could remember it. 🙂
So as I’m getting all Christmassy, here’s a wonderful recipe for Mincemeat cake. You can see from the pic that I seem to have some very intelligent mice in the house who couldn’t wait while I found the camera. It is good though.

Mincemeat Cake
75g /3 oz margarine
25g/ 1oz lard
125g/ 4oz soft rown sugar
2 large eggs
325g/12 oz mincemeat
190g/ 7 oz self raising white flour
milk if necessary

1 Grease an 18cm/7″ round cake tin and line with grease proof paper
2. cream fat sugar and eggs
3. Stir in mincemeat and flour. Make so it will just about drop off the mixing spoon
4. Bake at Gas 3 325F 160C for 10 mins reduce to Gas 2, 300F 150C for 1 1/4 hrs until top is firm and a little away from the tin at the edge.

Look away now if the sight of bare fish disturbs you.

I had a bit of a play with my food. I cooked the rainbow trout stuffed with dill and lemon slices. I didn’t have enough blue colouring for the brown rice so it looks a little grey. The rainbow trout were meant to look as if they were still swimming in a river. Lightly gingered garlic mushrooms formed the river gravel.
The cucumber should be a lot thinner on these fish so it lays like scales. Daughter and I were playing. Veg chopped by hubby.
We went through Croston village and I realised I hadn’t ever shown pics of it on here. We were nearly out of the village when we stopped and hubby used his camera. I’ll probably do a post on the place next year in the sunshine.
Croston Rectory ruins pic and Christmas memories in link

War memorial. On the 11/11 at 11am there is a 2 mins silence to remember those who fought in the wars. Poppy wreaths are laid.
Beautifully carved Celtic cross.

A little of Autumn’s splender. There are lots more pics of historical Croston including the now demolished Croston Hall (Pugin connection). Click each pic to make bigger.

Worden Park near Leyland next post.

I hope you are all having a great weekend. I’m going to be elf-ing for the next 5 weeks.

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