Had to share! Sorry.

Strawberry fairy outfit I was sewing. Daughter’s design my stitching. Daughter tried it out on the trampoline. All I’ve done to these pics is cut out the trampoline. What wonderful effects!
Silhouette with the ruin.
Like she’s really flying
Or morphing from a caterpillar to a butterfly with cloud wings.
or disappearing before my eyes!
Hubby’s more sensible camera did the 1st shot too.
And this one. Now this is the one I really really did have to share. It’s had us in stitches- The white trunk is from a silver birth tree so she looks like she’s been stuck at the top like a Christmas Tree Fairy. Strangely enough she didn’t want us to print some off as Christmas cards. Strange child. 😉

I’ll go and sit nicely in the corner now and repent the error of my ways or sew…sew! 🙂

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