Felt wreath, apples, bookmarks, Autumn

I made this felt wreath at Patched Pumpkin sitting quietly. I could’ve added stars and flowers, but I was so pleased with the embroidery stitches I learned that I had to show them off.
The felt bird and berries penny rug is finished.
Bookmarks all made.
And guess what I found on my rummages- the original off cuts from the At Waters Edge quilt. Not one to bear waste lightly I sat and sewed these in between more cross stitch. It felt like I finished quite a bit. I did a couple of small things but I can’t show them until they have arrived with their new owners.
Hubby got Son some craft knives so he had a play and set this up. “It’s all ready for your blog photo” he says. I think me taking pics is encouraging him with this, so all is good.

Here’s a little trip around the garden:
Fushia flower and fushia berry
Blurry berberis berries.
The flowering currant leaves are making lovely patterns.

I think the self sown cherry had a visit from a leaf cutter bee.
Lush strawberry leaves.

Thank you for sharing my daughter’s special day last post. She was born quickly at home. I don’t like hospitals so we opted for a home delivery. My thinking was that pregnant mares can make a hormone to prevent delivery if they aren’t comfortable, and I wouldn’t be comfortable in the unpersonal area of a hospital. Son was born quickly at home too. I forgot to mention much about his special day as he was in hospital for half of it in September. Officially he can do sports again now.

This morning we took a little walk to our local wasteground which has been awarded some money to be more of a wild life habitat. I’m not impressed so far but it’s very early days. The area below has bee orchids in Summer.
Row of gulls on a soil heap.
Kissing trucks. LOL
beech leaves and a feather
A red currant bush in an exposed place had already turned red.
In the more sheltered places they still had berries and this little visitor.
I love this shade of red!
Willow tree
Baby stinging nettles
Convulvulus bud. It will gradually untwist like it’s posh relatives morning glories.
The silvery cow parsley seed heads looked stunning against the dark hedge.
I think something was hungry. Can many things be as delicious as fresh garlic mushrooms cooked in butter and served on freshly made hunks of bread? I think I’m feeling the time of year.
Pink pulmonaria- lung wort.
The more usual lilac pulmonaria- lungwort. Traditionally if a plant has a name ending in wort it is meant to heal. In Elizabethan medicine if a plant looked like a shape of the body, obviously God sent it as a clue that that it could cure that part of the body. Lungworts usually have spotty leaves so look like lungs.

They also believed that illness was caused by having an inbalance of the 4 humors: blood, yellow bile, black bile and phlegm. This led to things like leeches getting rid of an excess of blood being common. Here’s a link if you want to know more.
Aren’t the berry colours wonderful?

I don’t know what season this Russian Vine thinks it is though.
Hope you get to kick up the leaves where you are.

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