The land of Catalogues

Nature’s traffic light outside Patched Pumpkin.

Come in out of the weather and enter the land of catalogues for a moment. They are all arriving on our doorsteps tempting us for Christmas, so lets just imagine for a while.
We have a bath.
Change into one of these for the evening.
Pop down into our kitchen
Make a pot of tea and use this tea cosy.
We grab a quilt
a couple of cushions
and make a nest in front of a fire
Into this dream land a princess is born
She grows up and learns all sorts of activities like pig herding
and riding
and turns into a sweet 16 year old lady.
The pearl earrings came from Pink Purls etsy shop– thank you so much Tracy they were so special.
Everything came so wonderfully wrapped. I had to peak at my wonderful Christmas present which I’ve been so longing to wear right now. 🙂
The cake is all lit and as we are still in the land of catalogue, we can all make a wish.
Close your eyes and blow.
I hope you are all having a great week. I’m in the middle of lots of little craftings and hope you are too. See you soon.

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