What’s in a name? Sunrise, garden health.

Good morning

It’s me again dancing to the above song. I am so excited! I had an idea which I mentioned to hubby, and yesterday the wonderful man came in with this:
Wee heee! I am laminated! Well sort of you know what I mean. I’ll be doing all sorts with this machine when I work out how to open the box!
This week has been a bit health orientated what with son recovered and daughter now off with flu, dogs getting vaccinated and checked over, hubby having some tests and dentist within 1/4 hr. So hubby and I stocked up on more fruit and veg. (Note all the re-used bags = slight smug mode for doing a little to use less plastic).
I really have a thing for fresh pineapple.
We ate well- chicken breast cooked with one onion, the juice of a lemon and black pepper served with slow cooked jacket pototo and salad. (Gas 4 about 1 hour in a covered pot).

I’m back from dentist now- just a check up and polish. 🙂
In the garden this little bird house of bird seed has become a home for a snail.
The potentilla is blooming.
So is the honeysuckle- just!

Just how many shades of red can you get on one plant!
The green fatsia contrasts well with the virginia creeper and just look at the little bit of blue sky!
I still have a rose out!
And this fushia has so many shades of pinks and purples!
It is the same plant honest! So love that deep purple.
Must make rhubarb crumble this weekend. Just add a little ginger in the crumble mix for warmth. Note to self -this time don’t forget the sugar with the rhubarb. As funny as it was watching the family’s expressions they were very polite when they begged for sugar. 🙂
I found a temporary home for the rainbow hounds! Colour colour colour! Need to change the candle colour.

Green Clogs was explaining her new name and I thought I might take the opportunity to explain the Jellybean Angel name. It began with me wanting to be original but sadly failing and taking my name from some paintings of a Harajuku (Tokyo) girl by Lynn Fraser. I began to realise that somehow it fitted and worked as this blog has evolved. Life is full of those different coloured events in our lives both colourful and dark. The little logo pic I did of a cookie cutter person filled with jellybeans sort of shows how we are made up of all these events but still retain our original shape. Besides jellybeans are delicious and look wonderful in a jar with all those colours.

I sometimes hope to have the right gentle and soft words to describe things but so often I’m laughing at myself too hard or just awed by the beauty of things I see or nosey about stuff and want to find out more. This blog has led me in directions I didn’t know existed and to people who are utter treasures and I would proudly call friends.

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you can all find a song to dance to!

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