Autumn, twitdom and the seaside

I totally went overboard and splashed out. Top left is Fabulous Fall by Moda, top right is Collection for a Cause by Moda bottom left is Harvest Reflections by RJR and bottom right is Tiny Tidings by Sentimental Studios. All from Etsy. As you can probably guess I love the Autumn with berries and changing leaf colours, and I intend to celebrate in fabric.
Sneak peek for Messy Karen (see side bar)-she and I are doing the same design at the same time. Go have a look.
These photos were from the garden at the weekend. (I still ache from all that pruning and weeding!) Virginia creeper changing colours (Parthenosisus).
Above and below flowering currant.

The last sweetpea.
Honeysuckle berries
Fire thorn I think.
Hollyhock against the virginia creeper.
Aster and burberis. Aster is one of the few things which will flower until Winter.
This shot is of the rose arches silhouetted against the sky as dusk was falling.

I think I’m getting absent minded. I was writing and hubby came to bed. I deliberately got out of bed, my mind on what I was writing, to do my teeth. Please bear in mind I was aching from the mammoth garden clear up for Autumn. I get there go to loo, feeling every step in my aching muscles, there and back. I may have even groaned a tad. I get back into bed put my head on the pillow when the bright spark I married says “Did you do your teeth?” Groaning and muttering for real now and wishing the plagues of Egypt were just an appetiser for a certain man, I get back up. I look longingly at my writing but set off for the bathroom. Again I feel how sore my body is so move slowly. I pick up the toothpaste, look at my face in the mirror and go to leave still carrying the toothpaste. It was only when I got to the door and tried to open it with the toothpaste I finally remember. Upon returning That precious wonderful man (or something!) has the audacity to ask if I have remembered this time. “Just about dear” I reply between clenched teeth. “Anything you want to tell me?” I give him my best just curl up and die look.

This isn’t the only example of my current twitdom. I found myself trying to change channels with the camera (and wondering why it wasn’t doing a thing even when I looked down and SAW it was my camera!)

I also lost the word for “watch” so it came out “that thing, wrist, round and round, tick tock” Hubby nearly wet himself. Please tell me I’m not alone and that it’s a thing for the first week of Autumn of something.

I’ve also been creating chaos in the living room and making everyone walk around this until I have a cunning plan. (I’m calling it revenge for the teasing I’ve put up with this week.) There’s fabric, print outs, calender pics and all sorts in the mess.
Slowly things came together.
Unfortunately the iron had other ideas, so this got re-made and the iron set lower. The aqua fabric has a sparkle in it with I should’ve taken more notice of as it meant it needed a lower temperature.
And this is where I’m at now -hand sewing the details this evening and deciding whetherto make a blue sashing the same cloud fabric as the border or a cream sashing, or not to have a sashing at all. What do you think?

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