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Hia everyone! Kim from Today’s creative blog has posted this for the Nie Nie Auction. It’s lot number 45 if you want to bid on it- all details like size are up. I’ll post world wide no probs. It’s going to help a fellow blogger and her family. She is in hospital with 80% burns and her husband with 30% burns following a private plane crash which killed the instructor shortly after take off. They have 4 children under 6 and their recovery is going to be long. I’m just one of many many people doing a little to help. Please have a look at the auction lots or see if there’s anything you can donate.
“How we use our blessings is the true measure of our thanksgiving” is the motto on it.
All felt handstitched.
I found my little scissors and even more remarkably they fit! I’m putting the brown binding on the BOW Quilt at the moment. Yes you’re right Karen- no batting in this Summer themed quilt. I’m trying to use what I have in true “Summer Stash” style (Thanks Ulla and Eileen for that inspiration). It will hang on the wall anyway so I think I can get away with it. 🙂 I just felt lucky that I found an old sheet for the backing. 🙂 Noooo wasn’t pulling my hair out at all looking for something wide enough- 61″ 155cm.
This is what else is a WiP- the floor to what will become my crafting space. The old varnish was in layers only on the edges of the room.
After trying for ages to sand it off, we resorted to varnish remover and scraping.
Then sanded leaving it looking pretty good.
As you can see there’s lots to do still.

This came in the post today. An autographed picture from a truely gifted actress Angela Lansbury. I wrote to her saying how much we had all enjoyed her work from” Bedknobs and Broomsticks” through her years in “Murder She Wrote” as Jessica Fletcher down to her recent role in “Nanny Mc Fee” as Aunt Adelaide.

This was all to do with me being brave inspired by Annie at “Blissful Bohemian” and actually contacting an actress I have admired for so long. I will treasure this. How many times have you regretted not telling somone how much happiness they have brought you? That is what I challenged myself with and took the bold step of writing. I am so glad I did.
Son goes back to school tomorrow. The consultant signed him off so put up the bunting time! He’s off gym for a month but hey he’s going to be at school so I can get down to some serious crafting! While at the hospital they had a trolley with books to buy. I found these 3:
“Gone With the Wind” 1936 edition with the dust jacket folded inside, “To Serve Them All My Days”, and Principal Role.
Above is the inside pic and below is the front cover. So elegant!

I had an email from Meredith asking about 2 fav drinks. Well obviously I said coffee and then had to think. I came up with Sambucca mocha. It got hubby and I thinking so we found 6 coffee beans, a bottle of sambucca in the back of the cupboard and sat together giggling like kids at our decadence. 🙂 With that happy note I’ll stop here. Please have a look at the auction for Nie Nie Stephanie Nielsen.

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