York Minster

The christmas Quilt now needs binding. Each border shape has been sewn on with a button so they stay 3d. Backed in red fleece.
Garden Quilt on the tarted up table.
Welcome to my fav corner at the moment all ready for Autumn.
My sister made all the corn items. She is so talented.

Motherlode Toad goodies from Etsy -link in previous post.
Bats, crows, leaves pumpkins etc which I made last year.

The knitted apples got moved to the old scales with a couple of bats.
Now to York again- the old Minster. This link will give you the history from 627AD
I do like the tracery of gothic Architecture.
Rose Window
3 symbolising the trinity is everywhere.
Flying butresses- what an amazing intention- stone which seems to hover.
Everything points upward like a giant finger to God.

Above the main doorway 3 again.
Some windows were plain. They would’ve been glass but the building suffered a lot during the Reformation. Elsewhere the remains of the old glass has been reused in the windows but the tiny pieces weren’t able to reconstruct the windows as they once were. Such a shame.

Parts of the inside echo the style of the outside.
Soaring arches stretching to the heavens.

Ceilings designed to awe.
The scale was immense. My camera ran out but there is a beautiful octagonal tower room with original tiles perfectly cut preserving the integrity of the pattern. Such craftsmanship was throughout. Little stone seats ran all around with more gothic detailing above them.

This one Roman column was discovered during work to the minster trancept. It comes from the HQ of the 6th Legion who were stationed at Eboracum (York)

Constantine the Great is sat just over the road outside the Minster.

There’s still a couple more York posts to come. I can’t believe how many photos we took in 2 short days. Hope you’re all having a good week. I have finished my 2 stitcheries for tomorrow so I feel vaguely organised. Will post them next time.

See you all soon.

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