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It’s official Autumn is here these arrived via Etsy from a wonderful creator called Motherlode Toad.
Her things are so wonderful the pics don’t do them justice. So their arrival heralded the start of decorating for Autumn. Incredibly beautifully packed. I swear I didn’t tell her my fav colour. 🙂
Maynard the mouse
Leonard the crow.
Jack and Jill by LL Brooke. This nursery rhyme came to the UK from the Vikings which is apt for this post about Jorvik. Jorvik is the norse name for York also called Eboracum under the Romans a few hundred years before.
The exhibition is permanent and shows the Coppergate area of York in the 800s AD based on actual excavations of the area.
Wattle and daub walls survived in waterlogged mud so they could recreate what the houses looked like.
Wood turning
Sea traders from as far away as Syria I think it was would come based on objects the archaeologists found.
We went up the streets in these carriages suspended from the ceiling.
Drop spindle spinning.
Skinning animals- nothing was wasted.
Hanging the skins to tan?
Selling birds and rabbits to gossiping shoppers. You could hear the actual language.

Skins and pots for sale.
Hubby’s family is from Yorkshire originally. Shame his head was too big for this helmet to fit properly. Hey I’m just grateful it came off. Ooo la can you imagine married to the man in the mask? LOL
It was a bit too big for son.
This man dressed as a Viking was fielding questions from us visitors.
Combs made from antler which were actually found here. These are so hard to make and have many pieces.

Amber. Some washes up on the East Coast here. The Baltic Sea has a lot. To the left are quern stones for grinding grain for bread.
Blades and keys. The ornate blob is a barrel lock so beautifully decorated. Click to enlarge.
Axes and spear heads. The Viking warrior had a battle axe rather than a sword. It leaves a very different mark in bone.
Aren’t these figures so sweet- like Asterix characters?
Anyway I was shopped out and that was only last Monday. My plunder and loot is pictured above. We were back in York on Thursday to pick daughter up and I ended up taking her and a girl we gave a lift to round in the afternoon. Boy was I tired.

I’m all behind with emails and visiting you this week -promise to be over soon. I’ve been trying to get the stitcheries done and the Christmas Quilt, which just needs binding now. The floor is still being sanded. We’ve only got a little hand sander so it’s going to be a while.

Nickelback’s “Rockstar” is playing at the moment. It turns into a family singalong from our computers. LOL I live in a mad house.

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