Dueling Cameras at St Mary’s Ruins York

It’s Friday- somehow I messed up the time stamp.

Ok so I didn’t do delayed gratification. LOL In my defence hubby did bring this box when he picked me up from class today. It was full of wonderful goodies from Blondie at Vintage Primitives.
There was so much to open and explore. I do wish I were better at gift wrapping.
Little treasures were hidden away and the smell from the candle tart was wonderful throughout the whole box. Thank you so much Blondie it was so thoughtful and generous of you. I hope you like the parcels when they arrive as much as I have enjoyed my mini Christmas today.
Ok BOW week 7 is complete. Next week is the last block then it all gets sewn together and borders put on. I will have time on my hands again for all sorts of Autumn mischief. 🙂
Week 7 stitcheries from BOW

Iron Autumnal door hooks

I’ve made a start on the main dresser from what I made last year. It definately needs more Autumnal goodies making for it. Oh the hardship. LOL Blondie your cat and pumpkin will be on here when I’ve finished posting.

Meredith you asked about the fish- this is the little tank- a Koi called “Rudolf” because of his red nose, “Bramble” the Shubunkin (colours as tangled as Brer Rabbit’s bramble patch) and “Sliver” the little Goldfish.

Sliver is called that because when I helped in a home for the elderly the ladies would say “oh just a sliver of cake for me”. At first I would try to give them the tiniest slice to which they would say “Perhaps just a little more.” So by the time I was well practiced I would perch my kniife at the quarter mark to which they would then say “oh no a smaller sliver than that” and I would half it. This way they were getting a good hunk of cake but feeling virtuous. So the fish was called Sliver as it is just a little wisp of a thing and reminds me of those good ladies.
I did a video clip showing feeding time. The Koi is a clever chap.

“Lady bird Lady bird fly away home” Pic by A Rackham so grab your hats we’re off to York again.
The lamp posts are straight out of Narnia- “Magician’s Nephew” explains how the lamp post ended up in the snowy wood in The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe”.
Female thrush I think with hubby’s zoom lens on his new toy. We saved for months to get the camera on paypal.
Pigeon again zoomed.
Hostas with my camera
And zoomed! Amazing!
Welcome to St Mary’s Abbey (Benedictine) dates from around 1200s AD Click the link for more info including a Robin Hood connection I didn’t know about.
Cross vaulting
Amazing this undercroft survived so intact when you see the rest.

A doorway- wouldn’t this make a lovely card so full of mystery.
Love this valuting.
Some of St Mary’s still stands.

I loved the way the light formed a cross coming through this mossy dark window.
The main part of St Mary’s. Here shows it from the air. The next 5 pics show this scene from left to right.

Lace hydrangea
I was after the squirrel but what an amazing sculptural willow tree!
The zoom lens did squirrels. They are so sweet.

If I remember rightly this was the Abbots House with a gateway to the side leading to the river.

View from the river.
Roses and reused masonry- so Romantic.
York Museum
2 friendly geese by the river.

With the zoom- do you think he felt a little down in the mouth?
I was amazed to this this canal barge
A little taste of home so far away brought tears to my eyes.
Some of the bridges were so beautiful. More in the final York post.
The park was beautiful even in the rain.
And with the zoom. Amazing camera a Canon which hubby was using, but it looks so complicated compared to the one I can proudly call mine.

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