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This tin is going to be useful today in Tidy up Saturday, while we catch up with neglected housework.

These were the off cuts from the Garden Quilt. It seemed a shame to waste them so I put them together. I think it will become the centre of a cushion cover when I have a chance to sew.
BOW Block 6 with 3 stitcheries. Only 4 more stitcheries to go- 2 weeks. Then the centre will be finished. It was all made from a layer cake.

This should be me at the moment. Now I Lay me Down To Sleep by C Robinson 1911. As I can’t sleep, here’s Barley Hall- again pics from both cameras:
Barley Hall
Store Room

Loving cup which would be passed around gradually exposing the 2 figures within.
Eating Hall small step to the top table where people were served the upper crust of bread (hence the expression). There are so many food based expressions still in use in the UK from this time.
Tall ceiling

Close up of hearth.

Upstairs was a display called Fashion Repeats where students designed clothes inspired by local Anglo Saxon designs. This was dyed with madder, onion skins and marigolds.

Left: eco friendly textiles cotton silk and wool dyed using elderberries, marigolds and brazilwood.
Right: headscarf built in to top, madder weld and brazilwood dyes.
Left: dyed using marigolds, weld and brazilwood.
Right: dyed with iron and brazilwood. Big disc brooch.
Left: dyed with ivy leaves and brazilwood.
Right: dyed with elderberries and alum.
Samples of dyed wool. I haven’t seen a spinning wheel with a wheel so big before. Are there advantages to it?
Samples of dyed scarfs.
Some clothes we could try on.

Upstairs rooms all restored. This building had been hidden within an office block. When it was excavated there was over a metre of Medieval deposits.

I loved this door
Medieval toys.
Another style of spinning wheel. Anyone know more about them?
This open air covered passageway was off an upstairs room.
The view into the courtyard below from it.

Guy Fawkes parents came from this area according to this plaque.

Sorry this is a bit photo heavy I promise I did edit a lot out. Ooodles more to come! LOL

In answer to your question Eileen, the temperature has been around 19c here and showery. We haven’t really had a summer. I was told a superstition yesterday that in years when there are 13 new moons or was it full moons that the year has a bad Summer. Next year we have 12 so I hope we have better weather then.

I popped in to see you all earlier. I hope you are having/going to have a good weekend. As for me my sleep pattern is up the creek, but with just a mountain of house stuff and sanding to do, I’ll live.
Take care until next time. Melanie

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