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MessyKaren had a giveaway for a bag from her Etsy site and I chose this beautiful rose one. It goes with a lot of my clothes and is very well made. I love roses too.
It came beautifully wrapped in my fav colour with a fun challenge.
To make this quilt from Cottonway in those fabrics. What fun! So of course I leapt at the opportunity. What a wonderful idea from a thoroughly nice woman.

Block 4 done but I’m all behind on the stitcheries for this week.
There was a little girl, who had a little curl
right in the middle of her foehead
when she was good she was very very good
when she was bad she was horrid.

Pic by C. Folkard.
I felt like that with this peacock butterfly- pic by hubby with new Canon camera which will take several shots at once. This is my fav butterfly- beautiful rich rust colours with hints of purple and turquoise.
These were my best 2 shots out of nearly 40! Ooo the frustration of shot after shot of closed wings. I can see what led our ancestors to stick pins in to be able to see them. I was also wondering about superglue on this buddleia davidii.
This little bee was more co-operative. 🙂
Feeling slightly better I returned to the more familiar territory of plants (scuffing my toes and muttering about never working with children or anmals.) 🙂
Rockery in Hesketh Park with alpines- this was down a path I don’t usually go down.


The light showed up this curious wave pattern in this tree trunk.
Ok the start of the rose garden -you knew I’d head there didn’t you?

I had to take so many as they are coming towards the end of their peak blooming period.

This fountain is now up and working.
This one on the lake was running too.

Lottery Money paid for the restoration of a lot of Hesketh Park including the glass house

It was a rusty shell with missing panes before.
I loved the shapes in the roof.

Delphinium- love the blue edge

Stripey violas!Just outside these 2 Muscovy ducks were in a flower bed. The Phormium reminded me of duck tail feathers. 🙂
Ok well that’s it for now, all parcels have gone out and daughter is touching down at 10.00am at the local airport. Maybe I’ll be able to relax a bit more? Naaa! It’ll be hurrying up to finish the current projects and having fun with the new ones.

Promise to pop over as soon as I can but somehow I’ve been busy and got nothing to show for it and the house is still a mess. LOL Anyone would think I spent all my time on the computer drinking coffee.

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