Tables, Fabric, Christmas Quilt, Lakes 3 of 3

This is the tarted up table- plain white with the Swiss Cheese plant.
This is it when it arrived- the varnishing wasn’t good.
My bargain fabrics from charity shops.

Wip Christmas Quilt- this is the centre panel but it needs a tree for some of those little bits to hang off between Santa and the Snowman. Bits are on previous post- small gingerbread men, stars, candy canes, and baubles which weren’t pictured as I hadn’t made them at the time.
Santa all sewn- blanket stitch. Still not decided what to do about a buckle on his belt.
Snowman with twig arms in chain stitch. The gloves have vintage red silk “string”.

Ok ready for the final part of the Lake trip? off we go from Near Sawrey heading north and then west to the top of Lake Coniston called Monk Coniston.
Past Esthwaite Water again.
Down lots of tiny winding roads where the pics were so blurred.
To here the jetty at Monk Coniston.
The weather started clearing and we saw blue patches of sky.
The Gondola picks people up and drops them off on the jetty.
Last year we spent the day here and because we took the ticket showing how many passengers were on board (rule in case of sinking that someone on land has to know) our children were given the opportunity to steer her on a round trip over Lake Coniston.

It was a special day as a girl from the village got married and her guests were on the Gondola to get to Brantwood. The former home of Ruskin. She however was being rowed over by her father and got there at the same time as her guests on the circular Gondola route. What a sweet way for her father to say goodbye and hand her to her future husband waiting on the shore.
Is it me or does this cloud look like a mouse?
Jetty looking south.
Coniston Old Man mountain.
Looking North. The place is pure soul food.
The lake sparkled in the sun.
Little gentle waves.
We returned via Windermere.
And the main road to the motorway.
The road goes in and out of the hills.
Keswick nestled between the hills.

Past the wetlands where many birds feed, so of course it was empty when we went past! LOL
The new hotel
Marine Bridge as we were going over.
Close up of hotel.
These Victorian glass and cast iron structures protect shoppers from the weather. Lord Street in Southport has kept many of them.
Time for fish and chips in the best place possible. Their home made steak pie is delicious too.
Thank you all for coming to the southern part of the Lakes for the last 3 posts. I hope you enjoyed it.

Craft updates in next post including what arrived today! A wonderfully exciting idea from across the pond.

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