Hanging, Gingerbread Men, Lakes 2 of 3

It got hung. If the weather is going to be horrible I may as well give up on Summer and head for Autumn. 🙂 W. C. Fields said “If at 1st you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit. No use being a damn fool about it.”
Little gingerbread men are all hand sewn to be part of the centre of the Christmas Quilt.
With a button detail to their hearts, button eyes, blanket stitch edging, stab stitch to the heart and feather stitch to the arms and legs.
I love this bowl I found yesterday. It reminded me of one of M Kate’s headings. There was also some fabric- 3 yards of riders and hounds (no foxes) a Peruvian yard in golden yellow with lots of weaving, and some beige stripe and royal blue stripe which found their way home with me. I also found some chunky wooden frames for 50p and a table which is being tarted up at the mo. but this is already photo heavy so I’ll save them for another time.
Ok here we go on the middle part of our Lake District Tour Grassmere-Near Sawrey. Pic is another Arthur Rackham.
Come out of Grassmere

And go in to Ambleside again. Beatrix Potter was 16 when her family rented Wray Castle near here for a few month holiday. The photos of it in the link are wonderful.
As you can see the shops and accomodation are very Victorian and made from local stone.

Over a bridge heading west before turning South on the Hawskhead Road.
Some houses in the Lake District were specifically designed for their owners. There’s a wonderful Arts and Crafts House called Blackwell on the banks of Windermere but I haven’t been yet- check out it’s web site.
Over the hills
To Esthwaite Water

Recognise this place from Beatrix Potter’s books? It’s in the village of Near Sawrey. I found it so interesting that so many real life places and objects from her house were pictured in her books.
Near Sawrey.
Beatrix Potter’s garden.
“Hill Top” Beatrix Potter’s House bought with the money from her little books.
Mr McGregor’s Garden

She built a wing for a farm manager to the side of the original house, which she lived in until she married. We saw Miss Potter on TV this week which seemed fairly accurate describing her secret engagement and eventual marriage to a Cumbrian lawyer she had met years before. William Heelis. This link gives a good synopsis with links for people who want to know more.
Hill Top Farm. She bought many farms saving them from developers and having tenants farm the land, all from the proceeds from her books. All her property and her husband’s was left to the National Trust to be kept safe for the nation forever. Such a rare sentiment these days when everyone seems to be out for all they can get.
Doorway to Hill Top. Having seen photos it was amazing to think Beatrix Potter stood here! I’m sure Willow had the same feeling at CS Lewis’ house.
Flowers from the garden- clematis against the wall of the house.

Huge bush not sure what it is.

There’s a brilliant eye candy book which has joined Kath Kidson in my living room heap “Beatrix Potter at Home in the Lake District” by Susan Denyer ISBN 0-7112-2381-5. It has loads of inside photos of the house, huge scenic panoramas of the landscape BP saved, and her sketches and watercolours.

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