Tea, BOW, bargains, red roses

How about a nice sit down with a pot of Lady Grey tea, strawberry cream scones,
and smoked salmon and cream cheese on biscuits? When I was in New York they called it “Lox” on a bagel. I tried it for the first time in a retro diner I think it was the Empire Diner where Marlene Dietrich used to eat? Delicious!

Blondie has given me a “Brillante Weblog Premio 2008” award too-I’ve managed to put it on the side. Thank you so much. I love her site -she has a pic on her sidebar which reads “Drink coffee- do stupid things faster with more energy”…YEH! Anyone else got any good coffee sayings?

Now for the “You Make Me Smile” awards:

I nominate Margaret from The Earthly Paradise as I learn so much when she describes Pre Raphaelite paintings.

Barb from Woof Nanny as she sets challenges which get me really thinking such as how to re-cycle a t shirt into a bag. Check out her other blogs.

Penny from Lavender Hill Studio– her beautiful mosaic creations and sympathy with nature.

Ulla from Kotkarankki -she is so creative and had the idea of the Summer Stash Challenge.

Anne Marie from AnneMarie’s Quilt
– her latest quilt is the fabric version of some of Penny’s work and is heavenly in pinks and whites.

This is what I’ve been up to: the 2nd block is now sewn to the first block in Block of the Week (BOW). I have more stitcheries to hand sew.
These left overs from the Sleigh and Autumn Quilt projects are for a Christmassy quilt starting this afternoon. It should be another one for the Summer Stash Challenge. It will have santa, a snow man and ginger bread men.
While in town with hubby yesterday I found this in a charity shop. More purple! Fully reversable.
Lovely quality of patchwork fully shaped jacket with topstitched seams.
Back- it lines up so perfectly!
Turned out the other way it’s plain purple. Again it has pockets.
And little flaps to the sides. I love the turquoise in it too. I’m so excited to have found it.
On a quieter note, come for a wander through Hesketh Park’s rose garden looking at the red roses after the rain. This is the last of my photos from earlier this week. We’ll go in this way and walk the length to the grotto exit.
Breathe deeply and smell the drying roses and let the world slow down for 5 minutes.

Looking back to where we came in.
These 3 were my fav shots- the raindrops really stood out against the dark buds.

The Victorian grotto exit looking back into the rose garden. I hope you enjoyed it. It’s the best part of the park for me.

My giggle of the day was this news article– now just how often have you wanted to do something like that to a sewing machine or computer? The shop keepers’s responses at the end had me laughing.

Hopefully I’ll get to pop in and see you at the weekend and see all the wonderful things everyone has been doing. TTFN as Tigger says. 🙂

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