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Isn’t this beautiful- in a sale at Laura Ashley too! I now have a new project tin! This is so much better than the carrier bags and totes I’ve been using. I wont need to iron as much. The “Block of the Week” (At Water’s Edge fabric and Polka Dot Girls stitcheries) quilt will live in here as I will be taking it to class each week. I hope it’s done in time for the Summer Stash Challenge. Next block will be sewn tomorrow. This is my only wip at the moment as I still need to cut the Simplicity layer cake for the 14th of August.

I couldn’t resist these oval tins. Such a beautiful colour.
Punched tin lacy looking edge.
I finished the double crochet blanket- my 1st ever proper crochet something! 🙂
I followed instructions and made a picotee edge.
The huge bag is finished. It is lined in cream furnishing cotton so is very strong. We’ll use it for those bulky items like toilet paper and crisps as well as a few heavy things grocery shopping.
To give you an idea of scale I was trying to quilt 1″ squares without a guide. the woven strip panel is 23″ by 16 1/2″. I’ve never made a bag this big before. I hand sewed a running stitch in 6 strands of spring green embroidery silk along the top edge.
The Sleigh Christmas Mat is all done out of fabrics from my stash.
Warm and natural in the middle and backed in green floral cotton. Bound in satin bias binding. I think both of these project may qualify for the Summer Stash Challenge. There’s a Flickr site for everyone to display their wips and finished items.

Now for the more purpley pink and silver plants from the park:
I think this is a member of the bugle family.

Alchemilla mollis and rain drops
fennel, castor oil, red hot poker. The textures were so interesting.
Fennel and lavender
Buddleia- butterfly bush because butterflies love it.
A new statue/fountain being built to replicate the old Victorian one long gone.
Squirrel carving
Budding conkers

Geranium -cotton tea dress inspiration 1950s style.
Silver and raindrops. I was thinking 1930s silver satin backless gowns bias cut
Bunny ears -velvet Elizabethian dresses with pearls.
Rose- now can you imagine a ballgown inspired by this flower. 🙂

The rose garden and the red flowers will be in the next post.

Things are going well with the NC exchange student now after a rocky start brought about by a lack of sleep. Yesterday they went to Conwy Castle in Wales(beautiful pics in link) and saw the smallest house in Britain . Tomorrow both girls are part of a big gathering at Bala Lake, North Wales for the weekend. We’re hoping to do something with son if the weather is good- perhaps Lake Coniston?

Now back to the washing, (cooking and cleaning)- the sun is shining so I can dry it all quickly.

Thank you Pat for the “You Make me Smile Award- I’ve finally worked out how to put it at the side. I don’t often mess with the blog. LOL Thank you- I like making people happy. 🙂

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