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I’m learning to crochet- DK wool and a 3.25mm hook in double crochet. Weird not having 2 needles.
Some machine sewing, some blanket stitch. I’ll need to chain stitch the hearts to the sleigh.
I had a bit of a lavender sesh while the sun was shining enough to pick lavender. 4 more wands and I now have 2 wicker containers drying in the airing cupboard.
I got the guest room organised for our guest who arrived yesterday. The poor girl had been travelling since 4pm the previous day our time. Little bits sewn to coat hangers.
The bed is high up but was cluttered with things like my spinning wheel, wool, papers and all sorts. It did need a clear out. 🙂
I cleared all of under here too and came across some lovely x-stitch and tapestry kits which I had bought around the same time I began the William Morris 6x3ft rug which took years. I hate having too many things on the go at once so none of them were started. Hopefully I will start some soon.
My cutting desk is now a proper desk with the new bureau acting as drawer space.
Gifts, towels, smellies and the 10 day planner from the Rotary Club who organised the exchange programme.

Yesterday Daughter and her North Carolina exchange student went to the beach to see the Tall Ship Fleet sail past towards Ireland. It was on the news showing the Mexican ship come in to Liverpool with all the crew standing high up with the sails. It was very moving.

These are the orange-reds and yellows of today at the park. The raindrops on the petals remindedme of Cinderella type dresses. So many impractical ideas flashed through my head as I took these pics- ball gowns galore!
Victorian planter
Standard rose
Raindrops on roses.



Pat has awarded me this wonderful award! Thank you so much Pat. Through you I’m learning so much about New York from an insider’s point of view- it’s so interesting.

She’s also tagged me:

1. Link to the person who “tagged” you.
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six random things about myself

Ok random things… er…ah!
1. I own 2 pairs of decorative contact lenses -turquoise and lilac. I rarely wear them though.

2. I grew up with animals of all sorts and think the world is a better/richer place because of them.

3. Back in the 1980s the man who became my husband was the only person I had met in England who had heard of the German heavy metal band “The Scorpions”. We talked and talked. We still talk.

4. I’ve dug up long dead bodies- archaeology.
5. When I find an author I like, I have to read their works in the order they were composed in or the order the story makes sense in.
6. I fear being bored and not challenged.

Ok now for 6 innocent victims to pick on… LOL
1. Belinda at Dirt Brown Cottage
2. Karen at Messy Karen
3. Stephanie at Loft Creations
4. Jennie at Falling Down the Rabbit Hole
5. Eileen at Eileen’s Attic -helping to organise the Summer Stash Challenge
6. Melissa at One crafty Mumma

Hip Chick’s Home has asked me to blog “5 things I love” and to tag 5 more people.

1. Moving water- the patterns, the way light hits it, to swim in it, sail, row etc. I miss living by a real river- a canal isn’t the same. I learned to swim in the River Windrush so prefer swimming outside to being in a chlorine infested pool.

2. Making things- taking an idea in my head and whether through paint, fabric or yarn or all of them, actually get to hold the object of my whimsy.

3. My family- 1 husband, 2 children, 3 dogs and assorted critters.

4. Roses -yep big time! I adore the scent of proper old fashioned roses. I could bath in the smell, wear B.O. basher (deoderant) of the stuff, talc, perfume, drawer liners the lot. In my ideal world my house would smell of roses, and look very light and floral. Ahhhhh! Instead I have assorted cooking smells, children, laundry and muddy wet footprints but the least said about that the better. Now where was I -oh yes dreaming about roses. (There will be more wet rose pics in next blog post.)

5. Ok finally, coffee! Yes the marvellous stuff which makes me get up in the morning and the world seem a better place. COFFFEEEE! I am a total coffee tart- I’ll drink any variety -filter, caffietierre, steamed Italian style, thick Turkish any- as long as it’s black and sugarless.

Ok more victims… cue fiendish laughter 🙂

1. Aimee at Big Blue Barn West whose writing … well go and see for yourselves.
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3. Mary Kate at La Vie est Belle
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I’ve been looking in to the purple glass phenomen with Stephanie’s help. She pointed me at this and this which got me intriegued. I then hit Ebay to see what I could discover and found one other purple set made by Bagley (2 lilac candlesticks shown on link) in Yorkshire UK. So on balance I think my set is pressed glass and purple was being made by the 1920s, so mine may date to the late 1920s. I still love it and have put white candles in the candleholders.

And finally finally can you believe the scale of this ancient Roman statue found in Turkey? It will be on display in London.

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