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I started this Santa’s Sleigh applique yesterday from mainly left overs from the Autumn Quilt.
I used a bias cut strip for the holly which was a left over from the pumpkin tendrils.
Close ups.
As you can see it all needs sewing now- good quiet hand sewing in the evening. I’m also teaching myslef how to crochet. Oer!
I found these books while clearing out the spare room for our guest on Monday “Allyson” from New Bern NC. “Fruits” and “Fresh Fruits”. They are a series of photos of children dressed in costumes some of which they have made themselves hanging out near Harajuku Park, Tokyo, Japan.
I love this coat with the heart pockets!
Such amazing colour schemes! So these 2 books are now in the living room as a source of inspiration alongside the Kath Kidson blogged earlier.
Snail sheltered from the rain. Yes these flowers really are a chocolate red but look pinker with the sun shining through them.
Hollyhock with a snail.
Picote edged poppy.
Lavender ready to harvest.
The lighter lavender hedge.
With all the rain the lavender suddenly shot up partly blocking the front path. Good though as you brush against it when you go out so you feel great as you shut the gate.
Thyme in flower.
Big flowering fushia.
Sweet pea
Bottom of the garden corner with a peek of the greyhound statue “Marbles”. Fushia, rose, ivy, and virginia creeper.
Growing plums not yet ripe.
Isn’t the back of white borage beautiful? Perfect stars.
I can finally post these now M Kate has received them. Knitted robin on a log with fir cones and holly, wool wall hanging with robin on, and a couple of vintage silk and cotton lavender bags.

Hope you all are having a great weekend. I’ll pop in soon. I’m off out to see if a charity shop is open (closed yesterday) but it had a purple yes purple vintage dressing table set! Off faster than a speeding whippet to try and get it!

Got it! Immensely happy!
The colour looks a dark grey-ish purple in the pics but it’s more of a Cadbury’s wrapper purple. I think it’s from the 1950s but possibly as old as the 1930s but I would never had seen it if we hadn’t taken a wrong turn when trying to find the block with the fish and chip shop on last night at the other side of town.
One of those fated things. 🙂 My love of purple continues.
I still like turquoise and cherry reds, but purples and lilacs are my definate favourite. What are yours and do you have fav objects or clothes or even rooms in your colour? Go on -share pics I double dare you! 🙂

Have a truely wonderful weekend! I’m sewing little details on some satin covered coat hangers for our guest in a spare moment and hunting down a towel for the towel rack we’ve just put up. Am I the only one who thinks “should I use this towel or are there specific ones for guests” when staying at a person’s house for the first time? There’s so much to think about when having someone over to make their stay as happy as possible. Anyone got any top tips? Can you tell I’m nervous as well as excited? 🙂

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