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“Polka Dots and Moonbeams” 1940 -Sinatra What a gorgeous title for a song!

Hia thanks for popping in-I’ll give you a run down on the last few days.

I now have the 2nd half of the Autumnal Quilt instructions so did more last night until some silly hour. It is so interesting to make. The right side is now complete but there’s a lot to do on the left- the oak leaf applique isn’t even sewn in position on the square. Click on the image to make it larger.
This is on at the Tate Liverpool and well worth seeing. It’s one of the largest collections of Klimt stuff and the Wiener Werkstatte in years.
Klimt’s paintings were almost decoupage with their layering of pattern and colour. I got so many ideas.

Silver coffee services- so Art Deco although they date far earlier.
They made this up for real in the exhibition- would you believe it’s part of a guest bedroom in 1901!
A huge room was taken up with a re-make of the Beethoven Frieze so you could see it much as it was initially done in the 1902 photo below. The thick gold work reminded me of gold machine embroidery. The texture of the work was amazing. Well worth going to see.
Now a wip re-cap to remind me of what I’m meant to be doing. LOL
Remember the strips I wove and quilted? There has been progress. This huge grocery bag needs handles and a lining. The handles are cut but I want to pad them with warm and natural before sewing them on. The lilac heart fabric is furnishing cotton, so the bag will be strong.
This is a range of fabrics by Moda called “Simplicity”. I love their pale “ice cream” colours. They will become a “Garden Quilt” starting 14th August.
All the Polka Dot Girl stitcheries will become a quilt using Moda’s “At Water’s Edge” fabrics (all cut in labelled bags) ready for the 17th July to start sewing them together as a block of the week quilt.
The “Ocean Songs” quilt got hung on the landing- all part of a huge tidy up and clearing out of the spare room ready for our guest. There is so much to do still. It’s really the dumping room of the house as well as the home for the huge overlocker.

We’re all trying to clear it this weekend now daughter’s better and can direct what she thinks her exchange student would like or wouldn’t. I hate leaving things to the last minute -I get filled with panic so the sooner this is done the better. There are trunks in there as well as so much sewing stuff and art bits. No there is definately no photo showing what an awful mess it’s in up to ceiling level. Must get decorator’s caulk out too for part of the ceiling.
You can have this shot of the bureau in there- I lined it’s drawers with left over lilac wallpaper from the walls. I made a few lavender bags for the room.
I’m nearly at the end of last years dried lavender. Soon I’ll need to get started on this year’s crop.
I finally got the back of this Christmas wallhanging done.
In plain blue felt like the front. Then edged it all in white blanket stitch.

So that’s all I’ve been up to these last few days.

If anyone is thinking of a holiday with free accomodation and loves animals Rolda in Galati, Romania could do with help socialising their strays ready for adoption. In the past I’ve sent a few things via the UK rep but I’ve never been out there. There’s a US donation and address too if you want to help. Just a little goes a long way out there and there’s a wish list in case you have anything in your house. I’m sure you all remember the harrowing pictures of Romanian orphanages where the children weren’t hugged or played with. Similar things happen with dogs there-and this one girl Dana decided to try to change local attitudes and open a more humane shelter for the animals (with a neutering programme) there as well as try to make the council run “shelter” more suitable.

Hope you’re all having a good weekend. Finally the sun is shining here so typical I am stuck inside trying to sort the spare room still. 🙂 I’ll pop over and see how you all are in my coffee breaks.

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