Book Autumnal Quilt and lavender

I’m reading a book called “Little Mother” by Ruth Brown Mac Arthur published in 1917. The above is an illustration from the 1928 edition. It has some lovely bits in it:

A Grandma’s Prayer by Eugene Field

“I pray that, risen from the dead,
I may in glory stand-
A crown, perhaps, upon my head,
But a needle in my hand.

I’ve never learned to sing or play,
So let no harp be mine:
From birth unto my dying day,
Plain sewing’s been my line.

Therefore, accostomed to the end
Of plying useful stitches,
I’ll be content if asked to mend
The little angels’ breeches.”

Doesn’t that conjure up some lovely images of angels with patches on their bottoms?

As we’re now on the subject of sewing- it’s finally nearly finished. I just need to hand sew the back of the binding (pinned in place in the above picture). It is backed in a curtain with orange leaved trees, with an interlining of a 50% alpaca blend like “warm and natural”. I promise a couple of final pics when it’s hanging.

Close ups before edging.

Larger top edging for hanging -all pinned ready to sew.

It will hang in the newly decorated living room. Once that’s done, today will be devoted to catching up with housework and celebrating 20 years of being a couple with my husband. We celebrate this more than our wedding anniversary, as neither of us enjoyed our wedding, so it’s going to be fun this evening. 20 years’ theme is “China” and we’ve decided on Chinese food. I’ll blog about it in the next post.
These lavender bags need pretty ribbon tied round them like the ones I made for the spare room. Very simple to make- just cut 5″ squares for the big ones, sew right sides together leaving a gap. Clip corners and turn right sides out. Fill with dried lavender, then tie ribbon round like you would a Christmas present. You can also add a hanging loop if you want them for a wardrobe.

Must pick some lavender for the house today- I just have a hedge of it Aims- I pick it each year and dry it in the airing cupboard so I can use it throughout the year.

Daughter has finished school for the Summer now (they return in September) as her school is being used for the Birkdale Open golf championships. Poor son has another week. Today at least he’ll be cheerful on an Adventure Day with his class. He’ll come back wet and muddy and full of perilous tales.

I’ll end this little post with a final quote from the book:

“Give to the world the best you have
And the best will come back to you.”

Now wouldn’t that make a good stitchery? I’ll be popping in on you when I’m skiving from boring housework. Perhaps Martha Stewart got my houseproud gene? LOL Looking forward to catching up on your week’s events.

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