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2 more “Polka Dot Girls” stitcheries done for the “At water’s Edge” fabrics quilt. I promise it will all be sewn together this Summer so it will qualify for the Summer Stash Challenge. I think you can buy these designs to copy on to fabric. They use DMC threads.

The final rectangle of the Autumnal Quilt’s first half of instructions. I get the second half on Saturday. I’m so looking forward to it. Isn’t it amazing how something which I lost sleep over worrying if I would be able to manage it, has been so exciting to sew?!
I was here today trying to hunt down an old cabinet for china. Hubby and I will have been a couple for 20 years on the 15th, and according to a site he read, the theme is “China”.
I promise you I looked through everything. The above 2 shots are just of one huge room with a leaking ceiling upstairs. There was also downstairs and lots of small rooms and corridors where you sucked your stomach in. It’s called “The Maze” for a very good reason.
Another room with a wide path through it. As you can see there are guitars, knick knacks, clothing, furniture and even some electrical goods. ….I came away empty handed!

Just a few doors down was the Salvation Army charity furniture shop where I picked up this little 1920s bureau. There was one similar in The Maze but for £100 more. The chap let me have this one for £20 as it had no lock.
It’s going to be for our guest to use in the spare bedroom (from New Burn NC) this month. Would you believe we still don’t know who she is! Ooo the perils of the exchange programme. Daughter is on tenterhooks. I hope she’ll like the room when I’ve finished clearing it out. My big industrial overlocker is in there at the moment.
Ok Pat’s asked me to do a Meme of 7 songs
“List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now, shaping your Summer. Post these instructions in your blog along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they’re listening to”.

1. Feeling Good -Nina Simone
2. Makin’ Whoopee -Frank Sinatra
3. Summertime -Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
4. Mad World -Tears for Fears (Donnie Darko film)
5. Wonderful World -Louis Armstrong
6. Hurt -Johnny Cash
7. Dust in the Wind -Kansas

That was hard to only pick 7. I could’ve added so much classic rock like the Scorpions, Deep Purple, or Led Zep, or even stuff like A-ha, Simon and Garfunkel, Andreas Bocelli, Bach, Eminem. (Now that lad could be one of the best modern lyricists of his time). But I tried to think of now and the Summer.

I’ve now tagged:
Suzie at Little Busy Bee
Margaret at The Earthly Paradise
Eileen at Eileen’s Attic
Ulla at Kotkarankki
Annie at Blissful Bohemian
Lera at The Sky is Pink
Meredith at Who Put Me in this Minivan

I think I’ve done that right.

Here’s 7 fav things I’ve not shown before from in the kitchen: utensil pot, floral tea tins, Frank Cooper of Oxford’s marmalade, and strawberry jam, scampi fries (crisps), crisp green apples from the fridge, and finally a rose scented room spray. What do you delight in, in your kitchen?
I had a thought about my fav house cleany things and came up with these: dotty ironing board, telescopic pink duster, vetiver and green tea ironing water and my iron which does a good job 1st time which is seriously excellent as I don’t have the patience for re-doing things. Does anyone out there have fav house cleany things?

There’s a lot of yellow out in the garden:
Potentilla- sorry bit fuzzy.
Curry plant

Fennel with raindrops

Wet honeysuckle

Sweet Pea- love this photo where the rain is still on them. Parts of England were on flood warnings today. I kept hoping the clouds would pop over to California instead where it’s so desperately needed. Much more here and we’ll have webbed feet and gills.

Daughter went back to the hospital today as her vision wasn’t much better. They still think it’s migraine but got tablets which are actually dealing with the pain finally. The thing she’s found very useful is a mint gel stick which you swipe across the forehead- she can use it independantly of any tablets. The living room curtans have been shut all week so she can be in there in the dark so goodness knows what the neighbours think. I’ll probably be asked for the gos next time I’m pottering in the front garden. 🙂

No other gos but this had me laughing- I mean how on earth do you manage to keep a bat in your bra for 5 hours without noticing it? Maybe teenagers are a different breed? LOL

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