Rain but Sane

There’s definately a water theme going on here hence the music. 🙂

Rain on the pool
Rain bouncing on the slabs

So much rain that the animals are getting fed up and have cabin fever:
Angel upside down. Perhaps she thinks that if the world is upside down it’s no longer raining.
Even the budgie is going peculiar and is talking to a stuffed parrot on the dresser. There are days when I feel I may be the only sane one left. 🙂

We’re had a twister form in the sky which is pretty rare for around here.

So surrounded by horrible weather, I have sat in a quiet corner and sewn these:

2 more stitcheries to add to the forthcoming quilt in “At Water’s Edge” range of fabrics. I could laugh at that title. 🙂
I have 2 more drawn out on osnaberg ready to sew.

I found these sweet condiment pots in the Royal Doulton shop 99p each. I love their shape.

These are the gorgeous fabrics for which I broke my self imposed rule of not buying more fabric until I could fit it in the drawers. They were just too wonderful to pass up. I was good though and didn’t buy the red/yellows set. They were good too, but I must be strong!
This is a short post as daughter is off school and I need to keep an eye on her. Her sight went peculiar so hubby took her to A+E (ER) this morning. They said if she gets worse they’ll scan her. So far the meds they gave are helping, so it is probably a form of migrane. Relief.

So thanks for popping in. It’s been such a weird week. Hopefully normal crafting talk will resume shortly and I can catch up with everyone. Have a good week!

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