Red White and Blue

Star Spangled Banner- Hendrix at Woodstock
. One of the most heartfelt versions of the song I have heard. Played here during the Vietnam War.

Wooden “candles”, Wooden Abraham Lincoln, Patriotic Doll.

Wool cushion with embroidery. This stuff was heavenly to work with. I’d wear a coat of that red any day.
Flag rear with centre back zip. I was so proud of putting the zip in that my mind must’ve wandered. The back went in upside down. Groan. I do try to aim at perfection every now and then.

All the above should’ve been done a while ago at Patched Pumpkin shop but I was ill at the time so it was delayed until yesterday. Congratulations to all nations who gain independance from oppressive regimes.
I also learned a new technique- weaving strips and quilting them. (Must use a quilting guide next time- I have a Nike wave!). This will eventuially become a big grocery shopping bag. Good way to use off cuts and scraps.

Today has been stressful. You remember we have a developer at the bottom of the garden. He dug a trench by the wall separating our 2 properties. I had been up since 6am and was finishing off the red white and blue painting dressed in my nightie. When I saw the digger, I dashed off upstairs and took a photo for the record we are keeping just in case the wall falls down. He then took a photo of me in my nightie in our spare room! It made me go shakey all over as I’m never keen on being in front of the camera. So, shocked and shaken, I phoned the police who have now had a quiet word with the developer. They explained to him that we are keeping a record for the wall’s sake and not of him but that he shouldn’t do that again or I will press charges. I’ve also let the council know so they can inspect the trench when they get back to work on Monday.

Breathe deeply and relax shoulders. This afternoon I am braving the wet outdoors with hubby and son and going shopping. Son has grown yet again (why does he keep doing this?) so needs new clothes. I’ll hopefully get to trawl the charity shops. 🙂

Before I forget- I’ve been naughty and it’s Patched Pumpkin’s fault- there was a bundle of 8 FQs in gorgeous bright bluesy colours- pic in next post. I’d been promising myself that I wouldn’t buy more fabric until I could fit it in the drawers. Bad bad me! I’ll just have to use up more from my fabric hoard. Can I stay in denial about a fabric addiction?

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