Autumn Quilt WIP update

I’ve been a bit busy with this. Work so far in approximate positions.
2 churn dash
Blanket stitch on applique and flying geese (I think)
Blanket stitch to applique star and vine rectangles.
The design called this “Autumn Burst” I called it fiddly. The main squares are 1″.
Blanket stitch to applique pumpkin and “around the block” square.
Blanket stitch to big pumpkin and crow rectangle.
I have one patch left to prepare and then I get the 2nd part of this quilt design on the 12th. I’m pleased to have tried all these new patchwork ideas although it did look daunting when I got started. Feeling a bit more courageous now. 🙂

Hopefully now I’ve done this much I’ll be able to do a few quick and easy bits to satisfy my need for an “instant finished” fix.

Today has been stormy with thunder and lightning. It’s July but you wouldn’t think it when looking outside. Definately feels like a wet Autumn day- sorry no pics. So who has the hot Summer weather I ordered? Perhaps it’s one of those things- pool out = downpour, pool put away = glorious sunshine and record temperatures?

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