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Hello. Welcome to a tour and quick catch up

Tinned flowers. 🙂
Thses are brilliant books -came from Amazon.
Kath Kidson “Vintage Style” -full of pics of her houses and tips on how she puts things together.
“Rainbow Crow” is a native PA story of how the crow became black. Wonderful inspiration as well as a good children’s tale.
It’s illustrations are superb!
I found a home for my new embroideries- by the stephanotis plant.
The living room unveiled.
The original plaster ceiling rose was bigger than this one in agapanthus leaves.
I finally chose some pictures for the walls from the top cupboard.
The blue crow cushions on the sofa with the crow throw.
These are a couple of tapestries I did in the 1990s which got onto the walls.

Cotton x-stitch cockerel
Hunca Munca (Beatrix Potter) tapestry didn’t make the walls. She’s so sweet though. Must find somewhere.
While rummaging in the top cupboard I found these which I had forgotten all about. 10p each charity shop bargain.
I think they are French fashion plates from late 1800s early 1900s AD. Click to enlarge. The details on the dresses are fab.

This wall hanging quilt is finally finished now. A rod can thread through the top.
All Laurel Burch fabrics which took about a year to collect together.
Bound in blue switls with more to the back than the front as both the backing and interlining were slightly smaller than they should have been but I wanted to try to keep in the spirit of the Summer Stash Challenge
Laurel Burch’s fabrics are so colourful here and detailed in gold.
Fish seahorses, swirls and waves at the sides

I fussily cut 4 different mermaids for the corners and did a running stitch to quilt round them.

More centre panel details.

The next quilt has an Autumn theme and will be made totaly from my stash (photos will follow as I have the fabric all ironed ready) and be part of Ulla and Eileen’s Summer Stash Challenge. Do you fancy joing in?

Now for the outside. Not having seen it all week I have just gone snap happy out there, having been busy all day.

Back Garden:
White bergamot (add one flower per ice cube and freeze- good for Pimms and looks great).
Campanula growing up a hawthorn
I loved this idea from the National Trust which I gave hubby for his birthday back in May.
Fushia bush

This was a surprise “Souvenir du Docteur Jamain” 1865 French bred rose with a spicey scent. Such a deep red and likes it a bit shady. Wonderful rose.

Houttuynia- lemon scented foliage.
Non shrub fushia
The first of the red currants! Love the colour.
Now a sweet pea feast:

My favourite one.

Front garden plants will be in the next post- this one is huge enough. 🙂

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