Lav Bags

This is the little bit of crafting I managed but couldn’t showlast week. I put lavender grown in the garden into muslin bags. Then I added stripes of lilac fabric and off cuts from the “Ice Windows” wall hanging to some vintage cream silk with little birds on in a jacard weave. The below photo background shows the fabric.
I french seamed these bags as the silk was prone to fraying and added a hanging loop and pretty bow. The idea is that when the lavender fades, it can be replaced with a fresh one. I’m glad everyone liked them in my surprise giveaway.

I think I was up here last time I managed to get on-line trying to rid the world of a decorating sin. Yep the embossed swirly wallpaper went! I’ve lost/overwritten the photo I took of the wall above the fireplace. You could see the channel the 1800s AD gas pipes for gas light took so they would be either side of a much higher fireplace than we currently have.

I’ve hated this fireplace for long enough in fake mahogany stain, (see plant pic) so it got the white paint treatment too. The furniture in this room is all pine, so the dark wood always irked. It isn’t original and I’ve always wanted to replace it with the right size one for the room. It’ll do for now.
Another little shot during decorating of a finished wall.
“Ice Windows” got hung upstairs.
Now for the not so good stuff that makes my life feel like a sit com.

I was perched on the platform with a blocked nose from all the dust I’d been inhaling from the wall sanding when somehow a whiff got through. It was worse than burnt toast! I rushed into the kitchen to find the steamer had caught when it had run out of water. Yep it looked like marmite in the bottom of the pan but luckily the food was in the above layer. Now you know why I chose “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”-smoke in the kitchen and dust in the living room.

This unfortunately led to me nursing a loo roll a day habit all week with coughing and spluttering. Yep too much info I know. It’s so tiring not being able to breathe and I was grounded in bed. Heaven knows what was in that dust. I hope this also explains the lack of house pics. Hubby was left in charge with the children and I think it’ll take me a while to get everything sorted. 🙂 He’s such a good man.
This quilt made from Laurel Burch’s “Ocean Songs” range is now hand quited (I ran a running stitch around the shapes I liked) and as soon as I can I’ll sort out the edge. The backing is plain blue cotton slightly too small as I’m trying to keep to the stash challenge principles. The middle is a layer of warm and natural. When it’s edged and ironed I’ll take a pic.
This is what I’ve very nearly managed- the 5th book. Each novel sized book takes 2 of these ring bound books. Every night I try to write a little more but where I’ve been grounded this week things progressed a bit faster.

Now for my next biggie on my list- visit everyone who has popped in here during the week and catch up on your week. Thank you so much for visiting.

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