Chatting and bargains, Blogaversary

Grab a cup and a cake
and take a seat while I have a gossip about my latest charity shop bargains while I’m on a break from decorating the lounge.
2 of these for 40p! I love the colours. Don’t yet know what I’m going to do with them but I love them.
Over 2 metres of this beautiful furnishing cotton for £1.20
Brand new placemats and coasters £3.00 I love the seaside theme. Perhaps we should try to eat in the hall where the colours are blue and cream? Nope the table would never fit!
We’ll enjoy the latest organic veg box. I was so happy when I saw these broad beans. I love the way the beans are all protected in that gorgeous soft padding. I loved preparing them with my grandmother when I was little. We’ve noticed that the food actually tastes better. Perhaps it’s because we get it within 24 hours of it growing rather than being stuck in a Supermarket’s fridge lorry and then in a refridgerated stock room before being put on the shelves? Not a clue, but I’m still reccomending everyone to try and buy fresh local produce and support their local farmers. It’s got to be better for us and our children.

On “River Cottage” this week a Professor was examining free range chicken and compared the nutritional value of it to the intensively reared (thus cheap) broiler chickens. I was shocked to find that the fat content in the cheap birds was similar to a hamburger and it contained no Omega 3 which is essential to children’s development and even for adults to have mental health. Heck of a wake up call! With obesity on the increase world wide, chicken is meant to be one of the good foods. Eeek!
Ok back to more of this using child slave labour too and sanding the walls. Cough. Cough. Be gone nasty pink swirly embossed wallpaper and hello to clean plain white walls.

My last posting was on my first year anniversary of starting this blog, so parcels have gone out to the first 3 people who responded to it: Eileen Tracy and Pat. I can’t show you the pics of the little bit of crafting I managed before the stripping started until they have received them.

The Laurel Burch quilt still needs hand quilting, and the Autumn Quilt still needs sewing, and more bits cutting out ready for the final class on 12th July. The house is a mess and there’s a pile of washing. But hey ho I did the ironing and no one has starved to the best of my knowledge.

I so want to get the paint on the walls today, so got to get back to it. I promise to catch up with you all as soon as I can.

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