Ice Windows, scarf and sketch

“Ice Windows”
This was the first bit of patchwork I ever began back in June last year after having gone to Lucy M Boston’s house in Cambridgeshire UK. She is known as the author of the Green Knowe books for children (thoroughly recommended) which are set in her house. I found out that she was actually born here in Southport! She also made patchworks over papers too, and I saw many of her quilts while there. There is a book out about her patchworks over paper.
I tried to work 20 stitches to the inch as Lucy Boston’s book recommended. It was very slow going. I needed the Summer Stash Challenge to give me the kick to finish it. Thank you Ulla and Eileen.

The “panes of leaded glass” and the white edging are made from “Fairy Frosts” range of fabrics and sparkle. The greys and lilac are matt. I was trying to get the effect of an Elizabethan (1500s) leaded window catching the light on a frosty morning. (Back then glass was very irregular with bubble flaws not like the plate glass we get nowadays). To balance the colours I based each window on a Sudoku puzzle with each of the 9 fabric octagons havign a number. I think it worked well and captures the serenity and balance I wanted.
I added hanging tabs so it can go over my bed.
Close up of the corner which matched exactly! 🙂
I backed it in lilac curtain lining.
Son had a homework project to draw a plant. To encourage the lazy toad I joined him.
This is what I came up with- not totally the same view point as the above photo of the plant but you get the idea. I had forgotten how hard it is to draw what you see rather than what you know is there. It certainly had me concentrating.
With all the hand sewing on “Ice Windows” my hand kept cramping up so to keep it mobile as I was sewing on the dark grey borders I would do a few rows of this scarf.

It is 40 stitches on 5mm needles with 4×4 moss stitch. (4 knit 4 purl, keeping it the same for 4 rows then changing).
For once I have the knitting ball band- Jarol’s Inca Natural Double Knitting shade 40616.

Now I need to work on the Autumn quilt I have a block tacked- see previous post, and hand quilting the Laurel Burch “Ocean Songs”, and coming up the “At Water’s Edge” layer cake with Polka Dot Ladies embroideries (3 of the 12 done so far) in July.

I could go off quilt making. 🙂

(Note to self- Must finish M Kate’s parcel and get it in the post this week).

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