WiPs, Roses and plants

Like the song says “A sunny day in Sunny June” – well that was yesterday in the park.
This is the start of an applique and patchwork quilt. Fiercesomely difficult!
Hurray! I’ve finally managed to machine some of this patchwork! It needs sashing but who cares- my hands took a year to sew the octagons and squares by hand over papers. It’s taken a few days to hand sew the dark grey borders on to them but just an afternoon to add the “depth” in light grey and lilac. So pleased as my hands were ready to drop off.
Yesterday in the park:
Sensory Garden for blind/partially sighted people.
The blur is a wood pigeon with the fennel, delphiniums and lavender. Just imagine what these plants would be like if you have never seen them.
The rose garden.
Some are grown as standards to add height to the beds.

There are 2 trees in the centre of the garden which get a haircut regularly.

Looking up into the tree -so sculptural.
Victorian grotto arch to another part of the park.
This rose was my favourite there- a deliciously sweet rose with a hint of rose talc in it’s scent.

Elsewhere in the park:
Geranium as a bedding plant.
These were rows of things just growing ready to plant out when ready in the nursery part of the park.
Palms and red geraniums. Sorry can’t remember the name of the grey foliage plant.
Agapanthus so beloved by the Arts and Crafts Movement in the 1800s-1900s?
I’m going to try to make a series of white and green photos for a frame when I have the time.
Cow parsley
Mock orange (Philadelphus virginal). The scent of this 12 ft high bus was outstanding. I can’t wait for my 2 to get bigger.

Time to feed the ravening hoards. Hope you all have a good week. I’ll pop over and visit you soon.

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